Marcial: I hope Mr. Sy will change his mind

July 16, 2020

SELLING a franchise is not as easy as reciting the alphabet. It involves a long, tedious process before a deal could be signed.

PBA Commissioner  shared this observation a day after owner Dioceldo Sy announced  he is selling his Blackwater team which has yet to make inroads after five years of participation in the Philippine Basketball Association.

At the same time, Marcial said he's hoping Sy will reconsider especially at this time when the dreaded coronavirus pandemic is troubling Asia's oldest pro basketball league along with other tournaments here and abroad.

"I hope his decision to sell it (Blackwater franchise) is just a spur-of-the-moment thing," quoted him as saying in Filipino.

Putting up a professional team on the selling block at this time of the pandemic will be  a hard sell, according to the affable commissioner.

If ever Sy is really bent on parting with his team at a cost of P150 million,  Marcial said the buyer still has to go a difficult proces before being allowed to take over the ballclub, lock, stock, and barrel.

“Hindi ko pa siya nakausap tungkol diyan, pero kung may plano siyang ganun, he has to make it formal by putting it in a letter addressed sa PBA board,” Marcial told veteran scribe Gerry Ramos.

Blackwater has been with the league since 2014, but has yet to make its presence felt in a league where wins come far and between for the Elite.

Observers thought Sy's decision to sell the team was triggered by the moves of the PBA and Games and Amusements Board to slap santions on the team after the team owner unwittingly said in an online program last Monday his visit to Blackwater's workout last Saturday.

"Tingin ko nainis," said one PBA board member who requested anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue. "Dapat sinuri muna kung totoo nga before they told the media about the impending sanctions."