GAB acts on arrested gaffers

July 04, 2020

THE Games and Amusements Board (GAB) will file criminal charges and revoke the licenses of the eight gaffers involved in illegal gambling activity in Batangas City.

“GAB is serious in cracking down on illegal gambling activities to impose the sanction of revoking the licenses of the gaffers involved in illegal gambling activities with the help of law enforcement agencies like NBI and PNP,” sai d GAB Chairman Abraham “Baham” Mitra in a statement to People’s Tonight.

“The involvement of GAB license holders on illegal gambling activity shall be treated accordingly by GAB to serve as a lesson for violators and encourage compliance to laws,” added Mitra.

A three-time lawmaker from Palawan, Mitra also urged all GAB licensees to respect the law and follow the guidelines of IATF on restrictions of activities in connection with nation’s fight for coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier, GAB has confirmed that eight out of 49 arrested individuals involved in illegal gambling activity in Batangas City are licensed gaffers.
The eight licensed gaffers are Elmer Enrico, Edilberto Clanor, William Uy, Noel Santos, Roldan Sison, Rommel Panganiban, Jomar Marasigan and Roger Munoz.

The eight were among the 48 individuals arrested during the anti-illegal gambling operation spearheaded by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Region 4A last June 20 in a residential area at GC Berberabe Subdivision, Pallocan West, Batangas City.

GAB is a government agency mandated to supervise and regulate the conduct of international derbies in the country and at the same time the issuing agency for licenses of sabong officials like manggagamot, sentenciador and mananari.

GAB is consistently monitoring illegal gambling activities.