Romero backs ‘cycling to work’ but road needs upgrade

May 24, 2020
Mikee Romero

Deputy Speaker Mikee Romero (1-Pacman Partylist) yesterday called on national and local executives to upgrade road infrastructure and install safety measures if they are to promote ‘cycling to work’ slogan in the new normal.

Given the financial implications of the coronavirus pandemic and the practice of physical distancing, the former Philippine Cycling Federation president urged daily commuters to use bicycles instead in going to work or school as it is faster, cheaper and reinvigorating.

“The surest and practical way to reach your destination now is to renew our love affair with our bikes,” said Romero as he backed the call of the country’s cycling heavyweights to make bicycle a vital mode of transportation.

Last week, Le Tour’s Bert Lina of Lina Group of Companies and Ronda Pilipinas’ Moe Chulani of LBC stressed the need to use bicycle as a mode of transportation after the deadly COVID-19 disease put almost everything on hold.

Though there are already existing lanes is some areas, Romero said bike users should be protected from speeding cars, buses and trucks by putting up protective barriers.

“It’s scary to see a speeding car or a 10-wheeler truck runs over a biker. That could be tragic,” said the national polo player who is the majority owner of AirAsia Philippines.

“If we have to embrace bicycle as an important mode of transportation then we need to upgrade our road infrastructure,” added Romero, who noted that bikes are now selling like hot potatoes. “At least there will be barriers.”

In London, Romero said the number of women – mostly health workers – using bikes in going to work has increased dramatically that bike rental business also thrives.

“Since bicycling is a good exercise and very affordable, we need good protective road facilities not just ordinary line of paint so that everybody even the students would be safe,” said Romero.

Romero, however, warned would-be bike users to undergo medical check-up first before buying bikes to avoid the tragic accident that befell a biker along EDSA on Friday.

“If you are not fit enough, use other means of transpo,” said Romero. “Walking infrastructure should be likewise be upgraded.”