Recovering from the heartbreak

THE COVID-19 pandemic has robbed Regine Arocha's chance to steer Arellano University to the promised land in the NCAA women's volleyball tournament for one final time.

Denied of a great opportunity of a four-peat, Arocha has fully recovered from the heartbreak that abruptly ended her checkered collegiate career with the termination of NCAA Season 95.

"I think Yes! It was very hard to accept at first due to a long time well prepared plan for the season. But, we need to be objective especially the situation is for everyone’s safety. Everyone needed to adjust and I don't want to be selfish," said Arocha in an online interview late Tuesday.

The Lady Chiefs were in second place with a 7-1 record.  Arellano had unbeaten College of Saint Benilde (7-0) left in its elimination round assignments when the tournament was halted.

With her NCAA over and done with, Arocha is now focusing on her post-collegiate career.

During the quarantine, Arocha tried her best to remain in shape.

"I think I'm too skinny right now. Haha! As an athlete, it’s not always the physical body you get to sustain but also your mental aspect. I make sure to spend time with my family more and more now to get some positivity," said Arocha, a two-time NCAA Finals MVP.

Once everything is normal and safe to play volleyball, Arocha is ready in her new chapter.

Last Tuesday, Sta. Lucia Realty announced through its social media accounts that it has acquired the services of Arocha to play in the Philippine SuperLiga.

How does Arocha see herself in her new club team which has been aggressive in building up a strong team?

"With my bubbly personality, I’m excited to get along personally and physically with my new teammates and share to them some love and positivity. Knowing I have great co-athletes in Sta. Lucia, I’m very much excited and willing to be a greater version of myself," said Arocha, whose previous club stint was with Tacloban in the PVL two years ago.