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StackLeague 2022: Pioneer eSports for Programmers Announces First Weekly Rankings

StackLeague Week 1 Individual Ranking

The competition has begun! StackLeague 2022 opens its second competitive season with a bang with cash prizes for the players who dominated the first week of the StackLeague Treasure Chest Individual and Team categories.

Go Big or Go Home

StackLeague – The Philippines’ Largest Online Programming League, is going for the big bucks as it breaks off the first bit from its Php 10 Million cash prize pool to reward the programmers who dominated the first week of competition.

In the first week of the StackLeague Treasure Chest Individual category, Mark Kevin Ong Yiu, a student of BS Applied Mathematics – Master in Data Science at Ateneo de Manila University, ranked first with 4, 510 points. Rae Gabriel Samonte came in a close second with 4, 373 points, while Raphael Jose Montemayor came in third with just 314 points off Samonte at 4, 060 points.

The StackLeague Treasure Chest Team category, on the other hand, saw Doki Doki Coding Team on top of the leaderboard with Hack of All Trades and Can This Please Work trailing tightly at 2nd and 3rd respectively.

StackLeague Week 1 Teams Ranking

All players and teams who emerged on top of the ranking in the first week also received multipliers on their cash prizes, increasing their take-home prize by 1.5x.

The StackLeague Challenger Level-up which rewards players each time they conquer different levels also sees great turnout as more programmers reach Master Level Challenges – the league’s not-so-secret secret boss level.

What’s Next in the Competition

The year-round programming league expects major movements in the ranking as more programmers from all over the Philippines continue to join even weeks after the competition started. Rankings are determined by the number of points accumulated by each player after solving coding challenges, giving latecomers the chance to catch up and rise through the ranks. In the end, those who can stay on top in this marathon of coding challenges get the biggest reward.

Beyond the League

Behind the virtual arena, StackLeague continues to inspire the nation into coding by connecting the league’s players to career growth opportunities. Challenges are designed to push them to their limits and explore what skills they have yet to unleash, which equips them to compete in the real world – the ever-evolving tech industry.

Coupled with thousands of tech job opportunities from some of the biggest names in tech, including Microsoft, AWS, Deltek, Coding Chiefs, and Apper.ph, StackLeague players are set to dominate not just competition rankings, but also the Philippines’ biggest tech teams.

Join the League!

Be a part of the country’s biggest programming competition and see what doors open for you in tech! Register via stackleague.com to start solving challenges.

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