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StackTrek: Rolls Out Batch 2 of Full Stack Bootcamp

StackTrek Bootcamp Batch 2

Dedicated to its mission of bridging the gap between quality tech education and career opportunities, StackTrek is rolling out the 2nd Batch of its Full-Stack Bootcamp. In this Bootcamp, career shifters or fresh graduates with zero experience can acquire core programming skills to jumpstart their IT careers. The Bootcamp guarantees its attendees that in just 4 months of dedicating their time, they will earn the skills needed in landing a high-paying job in the tech industry. Not only will they learn the basics, but they will also be equipped with knowledge of solving real-world problems with real-world solutions.

What sets the Full-Stack Bootcamp Apart?

The StackTrek Full-Stack Bootcamp offers immersive training and exposure to programming education. This Bootcamp uses an advanced curriculum and project-based structure wherein learners develop through cutting-edge technologies. The Bootcamp’s program is a way to engross its students in the latest web technologies. StackTrek envisions providing a world-class school to develop expert software developers through this Bootcamp.

Attendees of this Bootcamp will be taught different subject areas which include; Code Foundations, Web Development, Frontend and Backend Development, and Web Security among other necessary courses to equip them on becoming expert software engineers. These subject areas will be taught by expert trainers and collaborated with their peers to ensure that they are well versed with the current trends of the industry. Daily discussions are set to provide insights into their daily assignments and projects. These coding projects are then placed on their portfolio and on Github built on real-world libraries which will be impressive to future employers.

“What makes our Bootcamp different is our very own platform that we use in the Bootcamp. . . user friendly and easy to navigate”, says StackTrek’s Program Manager Jean Caneda about the Bootcamp Platform. The platform used for the Full-Stack Bootcamp is equipped with a Live Trainer Feature wherein coders can request assistance and guidance from their trainers and be guided about their projects in real-time.

The Full-Stack Bootcamp also boasts its hallmark Study First, Pay Later program wherein there is no upfront tuition fee in participating in the said Bootcamp. In this way, StackTrek can deliver its quality tech education to everyone, even those who are on a tight budget.

Scheduling for this Bootcamp is also offered for diverse people. The 4-Month full-time Bootcamp is available for those who have the time and dedication to finish the course earlier. A 6-Month part-time Bootcamp is also offered for those who want to start their IT careers but have other responsibilities.

Why apply for the StackTrek Full-Stack Bootcamp?

People who are interested in starting a career in the IT Industry should attend the Full-Stack Bootcamp. This Bootcamp is open for all; beginners, career shifters, fresh graduates, or anyone who has the desire and passion for coding is welcome! The StackTrek Full-Stack Bootcamp not only offers quality tech education but can also help its attendees to jumpstart their careers. “Joining the StackTrek Full-Stack Bootcamp was the best decision I’ve ever made. You get immersed with like-minded people.”, says Christian Moriones, a Full-Stack Bootcamp active learner from Batch 1. After the Bootcamp, participants are given certifications for the courses they finished. StackTrek will also help participants in landing their dream jobs through resume writing workshops, mock interviews, and connecting them with partner organizations that are looking for expert tech professionals.

Bringing talented tech experts is what drives StackTrek as a company. Truly making a Universe of Tech Talents. Deadline for Full-Stack Bootcamp Batch 2 Applications is on July 11. There will be one-one-one consultations scheduled to further explain the Bootcamp, interested attendees can book their appointment through https://calendly.com/stacktrek-bootcamp. To know more about this life-changing opportunity, applicants may also attend the Bootcamp’s Info Sessions (http://stacktrek.eventbrite.com) on July 5 and 8, 2022, or may visit StackTrek’s official website at http://stacktrek.com/bootcamp and its social media pages.

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