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Statement of CEED on the Philippine Energy Plan Consultation


CEED is alarmed that the draft Philippine Energy Plan appears to be an abandonment of the DOE’s mandate to strengthen energy security, ensure least-cost electricity, and advance sustainable energy from renewables. We find it concerning that even as DOE reports decreasing energy self-sufficiency, the PEP promotes expanded use of imported fossil fuels with liquefied natural gas (LNG) for power generation. Meanwhile, ambition for the integration of indigenous renewable energy sources remains low at 35% by 2030, and nowhere near 100% even by mid century. With renewables being the cheapest energy source today, one can only blame the continued use of fossil fuels and entry of other questionable technologies like nuclear power in the projected increase of LCOE by 2050.

In rejecting the full displacement of all types of fossil fuels, entertaining false solutions, and dismissing a full transition to renewables, the DOE also abandons the Philippines’ alignment to the 1.5°C Paris ambition – a goal that climate-vulnerable Filipinos fought hard to be established as a global warming threshold to avert more catastrophic climate change. We note that an independent study published in 2022 shows that to align to 1.5, the Philippines needs to hike its RE integration to 80-83% by 2030.

As the DOE moves forward to next rounds of consultations with stakeholders in Mindanao and Visayas, we urge it to learn from the feedback it received from an overwhelming number of participants raising alarm over these matters. At the same time, we call on the department to address the serious lapses it has so far been making in ensuring the meaningful participation of stakeholders in the PEP updating process – including the statement made by the DOE during the consultation that “the numbers” presented “are final” – stripping this supposed consultation process of purpose and significance.

Avril de Torres,
Deputy Executive Director, CEED

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