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Statement on Laon House Clearing Operations

The City Government of Valenzuela, in partnership with the Social Housing and Finance Corporation (SHFC) through its Vertical Community Mortgage Program (CMP), remains committed to the welfare of the families residing in the flood and fire-prone area in Laon, Barangay Veinte Reales. Thus, we stand firm in our efforts to provide safe and secure housing for these families.

By way of background, the families in Laon, Barangay Veinte Reales have been residing in an unsafe and inhumane living condition for years. Likewise, the housing structures thereat were found unsafe for human use and occupancy, as the same violate the provisions of PD 1096, otherwise known as the National Building Code. Consequently, the Office of the Building Official declared these houses as illegal and dangerous structures.

With this, the City Government initiated the Housing Program in 2019 through several dialogues with the different Home Owners Association (HOAs) in the area. As early as March 2021, several notices were diligently issued to the affected families of the Project to ensure that they were given ample time to prepare and make necessary arrangements before the commencement of the voluntary clearing operations.

The Project, spanning a six (6) hectare lot in Laon, Barangay Veinte Reales consists of three (3) Phases, with a total of thirty-four (34) buildings comprised of one thousand six hundred thirty-two (1,632) housing units.

Contrary to the issue posted online, the Laon House Clearing Operations are not an act of displacement or eviction.

Truth be told, the following are the facts of the Project, as opposed to the issues being falsely and maliciously spread:

  • 1,244 or 76% of the affected residents signed up for the Housing Project, while 388 or 24% did not sign up for the project. It is also noteworthy that the individuals and groups involved in the rallying activities were part of the group, who were offered, but did not sign up for the Housing Project.
  • A Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) which was filed to stop the clearing operations in the area was DENIED by the Regional Trial Court Branch 269 on January 7, 2022, stating that the plaintiffs, have not presented sufficient proof of rights over the property in dispute, and citing the said prior notices before the clearing operations. Due process was observed through the issuance of the said notices.
  • SHFC allocated PhP300,000,000.00 as an initial budget to develop the eleven (11) low-rise buildings for the Phase I of the Project.
  • The City Government likewise allocated resources for this Project:
    • Clearing and heavy equipment – PhP 37,000,000.00
    • Financial Assistance to families – PhP 29,000,000.00
    • A total of 261 families were also relocated to Disiplina Village Lingunan.
    • Transportation assistance for the families, who voluntarily transferred to other locations were also offered for free by the City Government.
  • Assistance from DOTr in the form of filling materials for the Phase I and II is PhP 5,019,356.36

It must be emphasized that the Project has been carefully planned and executed, as well as ensured that the rights and well-being of the residents were upheld throughout the process. In the end, the current residents are the ultimate beneficiaries of the Housing Program.

We urge the public to rely on accurate information and join us in supporting this crucial endeavor. With this, the City Government of Valenzuela City remains steadfast in its commitment to create a more inclusive and resilient City, where every Pamilyang Valenzuelano can live with dignity and security. We extend our gratitude to all the stakeholders for their valuable contribution, as well as the residents for their patience and cooperation during this process.

Also attached is the Manifesto of Support from the Laon HOA and Cheng Ville HOA Federation Officers.

Manifesto of Support

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