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Stevie Awards cites SYKES’ Covid-19 response

Top BPO industry player SYKES recently received recognition for its agile and innovative response to the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic.

It was given by the international business award body Stevie Awards for Great Employers, one of the most premier award bodies that acclaim competence across the business industry.

SYKES is a global business process outsourcing leader in providing comprehensive inbound customer engagement services to Global 2000 companies, primarily in the communications, financial services, healthcare, technology, transportation and retail industries.

It differentiates end-to-end service platform effectively engages consumers at every touch point in their customer lifecycle, starting from digital marketing and acquisition to customer support, technical support, up-sell/cross-sell and retention.

While the nationwide quarantine has forced many businesses and organizations to cease operations, SYKES was quick to transform its entire workforce to protect them from health risks while securing their employment.

Recognized for its exemplary Covid-19 pandemic preparedness and response, SYKES was granted a Silver Stevie Award for implementing the Most Innovative Work-From-Home Plan and a Bronze Stevie Award for having the Most Innovative Workplace Redesign.

Even with limited time and resources, SYKES was able to comply with international and national guidelines in its workplace redesign, implementing health measures across all its sites so employees can ease into the new normal.

The expansion of the company’s existing work-at-home plan has enabled 75% of its entire workforce to work remotely.

Meanwhile, for those who are reporting on-site, SYKES has offered free shuttle service and temporary accommodations with stringent sanitary and physical distancing regulations.

All employees were also provided with a SYKES’care package consisting of face mask, face shield, and alcohol or hand sanitizer.

“We are grateful to have received recognition for our strong initiatives to maintain business as usual, while still ensuring the safety and securing the employment of our people in the face of the pandemic. These awards attest to our organization’s values that are fundamental in making our business successful: speed and agility, our employees’ commitment, and the ability to operate well in challenging circumstances. As important as these external recognitions are the many client commendations we received for partnering with them effectively and efficiently in this pandemic without sacrificing the quality of our service,” said Cecile May Venancio, Sr. director, Branding & Communications, APAC.

The Stevie Awardsfor Great Employers also commended SYKES’ innovative work-at-home plan, where it deployed thousands of PC setups, including accessories, office chairs, and WiFi connection, to provide WAH access to roughly 12,000 employees.

The contact center also set up OneLeap a one-stop shop online portal where employees can learn best practices on how to easily transition to their new work environment.

OneLeap offers master classes on remote work how-tos like managing a WAH team, documents on systems and platforms for telecommuting, documents needed when transitioning to the new work environment, and more.

The portal also provides insights on other work aspects such as managing client expectations, helping family members adapt to the setup, and gaining operational insights, among others.

With the implementation of this setup, SYKES has transformed its business operations, while focusing on employee needs and safety.

The SYKES Global office, meanwhile, has proven itself a leader of the BPO industry as it was one of the newest companies to be added to the prestigious International Association of Outsourcing Providers Impact Sourcing Champions Index.

The index is a curated list of companies that distinguish themselves as trailblazers in impact sourcing.

Impact sourcing or socially responsible outsourcing is the arm of the BPO industry that provides employment and career development opportunities to the communities that otherwise have limited access to the global marketplace.

SYKES has been a leader of impact sourcing since the 1990s. It was one of the first few companies in the BPO industry to source talent and create centers of operations in smaller towns across the United States rather than established business hubs. Sometimes working in communities of less than 5,000 people,

SYKES has helped millions find meaningful careers with a lifelong potential for growth no matter where they happen to be.

“These international business awards are a reflection that we can deliver and that we live up to the expectations of both our clients and employees. It was not an easy feat, and there were definitely some setbacks, but we strived to solve the problems, answer the challenges, and implement the necessary changes. These awards are not only important today but more so in the future as we demonstrate SYKES’ capability to operate and deliver in unprecedented times. For us at SYKES, the only way to go is to move forward with all the lessons we have learned and continuously improve our processes,”Venancio said.

Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, with customer contact engagement centers throughout the world, SYKES provides its services through multiple communication channels encompassing phone, e-mail, web, chat, social media and digital self-service.

Work, learn, and grow with SYKES. More information about employment at SYKES Philippines may be found at its website at <sykes.com/philippines>and its official Facebook page at <facebook.com/SYKESPHofficial>.