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STIES XV🍃 ASPIRE: Advancing Sustainable Practices in Resilient Engineering


Amidst numerous environmental and social challenges, resilience and sustainability have emerged as crucial frameworks for addressing the world’s pressing issues today. The pursuit of sustainability, resilience, and green manufacturing encapsulates the commitment of industrial engineers towards environmentally conscious practices. It entails combining procedures that minimize environmental damage, cut waste, and prioritize renewable resources.

As the Southern Tagalog Industrial Engineering Seminar (STIES) celebrates its crystal anniversary, it reaffirms its commitment to providing a substantial discussion that would tackle resilient strategies and cutting-edge advancements that will not just embrace change but have steered and driven future industrial engineers into stepping towards a more eco-friendly and adaptable future. STIES XV is a commemoration of this significant milestone and is now continuing to champion sustainability, drive green manufacturing, and fortify resilience for the next era of industrial excellence.

UPLB Aspire

With the theme: “ASPIRE: Advancing Sustainable Practices in Resilient Engineering,” STIES XV aims to provide an eye-opening discussion on striking a healthy balance between the expansion of the industry and the preservation of the environment by promoting robust systems that can adjust to unanticipated events and putting into practice environmentally friendly production practices. This strategy not only guarantees the long-term sustainability of industries but also makes a major contribution to a healthier Earth for present and future generations.

This year’s installment of STIES is back onsite on the 18th of May 2024 at the University of the Philippines Los Baños. Embark with us in this journey of sustainability through this link: https://bit.ly/STIESXV-RegistrationInformation

Further information can be accessed through the primers below:
School Primer: https://bit.ly/STIESXV-SchoolPrimer
Individual Primer: https://bit.ly/STIESXV-IndivPrimer

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