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STRADCOM warns vs LTO data breach

FILIPINO Information Technology IT firm STRADCOM Corporation, the proponent of the multibillion peso LTO-IT Project, the computerization project of the Land Transportation Office (LTO) which automates the agency’s service to driver license holders and motor vehicle registrants across 400 offices nationwide, expressed concern over reports related to a data breach involving license and vehicle records of the LTO.

STRADCOM spokesperson Lorie Bundoc said that while the company has recently reached a milestone of around 300 million LTO customer transactions since the beginning of its contract with the government, it finds alarming how any computerization project can fall prey to isolated cases of computer hacking seemingly more common in the online economies of the new normal.

The LTO itself has initially called out on its social media page, lisensya.info, as an unauthorized website for using the LTO logo on its web page and misrepresenting the agency by providing online inquiry services for the authentication of driver’s licenses and motor vehicles.

STRADCOM learned of such website and cautioned against possible misrepresentation of LTO’s service/s on Monday, November 9, and immediately proceeded to seek possible vulnerabilities and to inform the LTO on the matter.

In a statement, Bundoc said the company is not in any way connected to lisensya.info.

As support to the LTO that has been our long-time principal client in serving the motoring public, we attest that any information used to provide or enable the so-called services has never been sanctioned, condoned or even known by us, nor were we previously aware of its operation, organization, ownership, or purpose,” Bundoc said.

STRADCOM is conducting an audit of its systems and infrastructure to further secure the integrity of the LTO’s database. “We have requested a meeting with LTO officials to allow us to provide updates and material developments of this activity in further detail,” Bundoc added. “And we have taken notice that the site lisensya.info is no longer able to accept any new license or vehicle-related authentication requests.