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Stress debriefing set for BI frontliners

JUSTICE Undersecretary Markk Perete yesterday said immigration officers in airports and seaports all over the country will undergo stress debriefing as the death toll from the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus, which orginated in Wuhan City, China, continues to rise.

“As per information from our BI (Bureau of Immigration) Port Operations Head, yes, we are preparing to have our officers for debriefings by professional psychologists for those who are at our regular counters and for those who are joining the voluntary homecoming or repatriation,” Perete said.

Recently, the BI advised immigration officers in different parts of the country to wear protective masks to avoid contracting the deadly virus.

“As a preventive measure, all officers in all ports of entry and exit are advised to wear masks as there is a risk of exposure given the nature of their jobs,” BI spokesperson Dana Sandoval said.