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Students Seek Solutions for Sustainability Through Award-Winning Inventions

Students Sustainability Inventions


Singapore – Presenting solutions to real-world problems, over 100 K-12 students from Singapore, Vietnam, and Japan recently participated in the Pratt & Whitney Invention Convention Singapore Open Nationals Competition.

Event sponsor Pratt & Whitney recognized several students with awards that show exceptional achievement. Taking home the Industry Award for Environmental and Sustainability Lim Jiaxin Riley, a Kindergartener from PCF Sparkletots, Singapore, developed the Wonder Cat, an interactive recycling bin shaped like a cat, with sensors to detect movement. A team, consisting of Reever Andres, Xu Jihao, Theejutha Oumalee, and Rohan Srivatsav received the received the Global Change Award for Innovation in Sustainability. ___ Graders from Boon Lay Secondary School, Singapore, they invented the Silver Fertiliser, a solution to eliminate wastage of expired medication and supplements by recycling them into a drug-based hydroponic feed that works as an alternative fertiliser.

Inventing is about solving a problem that you care about,” says event organizer Nancy Soon. “This year’s competition featured many students who were thinking about the world around them, in particular sustainability. The spark of innovation comes from passion, and this year’s participating students show a passion for the earth.”

“Riley is just 6 and he’s already seeking ways to solve the global issue of reducing and recycling our waste,” Soon added. “Not much older, the team behind Silver Fertiliser have come up with a really out-of-the-box approach to using expired medication and are working towards fulfilling the UN SDG 12.5 goal on sustainable consumption and production.”

While sustainability was a stand out theme, students developed innovative solutions to other problems:

  • Table Stack Cot, an invention that removes the need to move and stack tables in order to make space for sleeping cots during naptime in the childcare. Most Innovative Solution Award, sponsored by PAP Community Foundation. Chiam Jun Le Hugo, Singapore.
  • NEUPOSTURE, a posture corrector that is conveniently worn by a lanyard and emits a warning sound to remind users not to slouch. Nahshon Tan, Singapore. Global Impact Originality Award, sponsored by SkyX Immersion
  • Eativo, a smart self-heating lunchbox that is capable of heating up food anywhere at any time with the flick of a switch. Varun Srinivas and Ritvik Surisetti, Singapore. 1st Place, 9th and 10th Grade category.
  • Tag-a-long Bookmark, a wearable bookmark that users can wear around their wrists like a bracelet. Alexis Ng, Singapore. 1st Place, 1st and 2nd Grade category.
  • Food Manager, an app-based solution that reduces food wastage at home. Kozo Hasegawa, Soma Iwazumi, and Shuntarao Izumi, Japan. 1st Place, 7th and 8th Grade category.

The first region-wide competition of its kind outside of North America, Invention Convention Singapore is an initiative of IDE Academy, an invention education program based in Singapore, and Invention Convention Worldwide, a program of The Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation in Dearborn, Michigan. The entire experience was held virtually this year. The Awards Ceremony can be viewed here.

“Pratt & Whitney was born out of the belief of an aerospace engineer that he could build a better engine than what was available during that time. Ever since then, we have supported innovation and invention in STEM,” said Mr. Tim Cormier, vice president, Aftermarket Operations – Asia Pacific, Pratt & Whitney. “We hope that this invention convention will spur the next generation of great scientists and engineers that will design the next leap forward for humankind.”

“This competition is but a platform for inventors to exhibit their capability to question and develop an answer to that question”,” said awards ceremony guest-of-honour, Dr Chong Yoke Sin. To the inventors, she also said, “Your active participation will stand you in good stead to apply the same questioning techniques to solve many problems that you will encounter in your school and your life”

Invention education combines STEM teaching (science, technology, engineering and math) with innovation and entrepreneurship skill-building, and layers the curriculum throughout a student’s existing in-school learning. Now a global movement, over 120,000 students worldwide participate in local invention education programs.

“My hope is that all children – regardless of age, gender, social status, ethnicity, or ability – have multiple opportunities to experience the process of invention and entrepreneurship in their course of education,” Soon added. “Every child can be an inventor. Every child can change the world.

Additional partners include Pratt & Whitney, LDR Technology, Temasek Polytechnic, Helen O’Grady Drama Academy Singapore, KidsGlobal Pte Ltd, SkyX Immersion, ThinkingPlus International, Singapore Pools (Private Limited), Grady Bear Adventures, Novum Education, and 3DuxDesign.

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