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Stupid Divorce Law

Divorce family

What can divorce achieve in our country is what hell (already) has achieved in countries that have it. That’s the long and short of it, and the shimmering, blinding folly (evil) of divorce law.

The Philippines as one of the only two countries that don’t have absolute divorce law is something Filipinos should be proud of. Unequalled. Unique — worth a Nobel Peace Prize. Why go with the flow when the flow is headed to drowning and smothering you? Take your goggles or shades off, “cute.”

If your one foot is wounded or sick as in the case of ordinarily problematic marriages that can be “tempted/lured/enticed” to resort to divorce, do you at once think of amputating your leg to “save” your life? No. Yet how foreboding it is that the vain and fleshly (by nature) in all of us is apt to make us opt to always go the easy, convenient, “happy,” stupid way — or to file for divorce to try another chance at “love” (yun lang yun) — to devastate and sacrifice everything else in our homes, kids and lives — in the name of self-love, and promiscuous, indulgent, crazy and “achy, breaky heart” longings. Mala-telenovela.

Normal people don’t run from problems. They solve problems. But there are abnormal among us, much less in Congress, who seem to be in unison with the godless and “eternityless” in their song, “Isa lang ang buhay kung kaya’t magpakasaya ka at magpakawala ka hanggang buhay ka” (na tila ang buhay ay para sayo lang at hanggang dito lang sa lupa). “You have just one life. Hence live as jolly and free and as wild as you can for as long as you breathe (as if life belongs only to you and ends just in this world). “Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die.” – Atheistic Epicurean principle.

Why aim to destroy what is already destroyed instead of restoring it back to form or good health? Stupid. Wag mong sirain ang sira na sapagkat kung magkagayon ay mas sira ka (Don’t break what’s already broken, otherwise, you are more broken). “Jesus answered them, Destroy this temple and I will raise it up again in three days.” – John 2:19. Mend yourself, not someone or something else.

You are concerned about the presumably “hopeless” marriages or wed couples. Wonderful. But be concerned more about the countless other couples whose hopes could be shattered and at once dashed/destroyed at full tilt (like wildfire) for them to drift and glide in the stupidity of fleeting, stupid life — the earthly, ungodly, indulgent, bestial, maniacal, stupid way (massively) — because of your stupid bill/law.

Approved House Bill 9349 is otherwise called “Absolute Divorce Act.” But may I propose, if you please, dear honorable members of the House of Representatives: The bill should be aptly called and better labeled as “Absolute Stupidity Act” or ASA.


God is a God of restoration and there is no hopeless situation in Him. It’s a fact more solid than the foundations of our stupid planet. If your problem or sickness or marriage seems hopeless, YOU ARE NOT (as a person). Isaiah 4:31, Romans 12:12, Micah 7:7, Jeremiah 29:11. The world is bigger than you, lest you forget. And there is much, much, more to good life than individual “happiness” for married couples. And there are certainly (always) good purposes to every problem that comes to those who believe and love the Lord. Romans 8:28.

There is no perfect marriage. There are only selfish couples (and stupid hearts). Each of us is wrecked and battered — a hopeless, helpless case as a sinner. But God did not divorce us. Hallelujah! Jesus Christ entered the picture and died on the cross, was buried and, after three days, He rose again — to give us life and hope — to save our souls and lives (and families).

“… Lord, save me!” – Matthew 14:30

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