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Swift response provided by MIAA after NAIA 3 hit by power outage


THE NAIA Terminal 3 experienced power outage on or about 1:05 a.m. on May 1 on Monday.

Owing to this, standby power was made to supply electricity to critical facilities enabling computer systems of airlines and immigration bureau to function partially and enable processing of both inbound and outbound passengers.

According to MIAA public affairs office chief Connie Bungag, delayed flights shall be expected as a result of the incident.

Bungag said that as of this writing, MIAA operations personnel are continuously doing the rounds of NAIA Terminal 3 to provide assistance to passengers and answer inquiries they might have.

“The MIAA Engineering team, together with MERALCO technical personnel are now looking into the cause of the power failure. The MIAA Management apologizes to air travellers for the inconvenience that the situation may have brought to them,” she said.

Saying further advisories will be issued in the subsequent hours, she provided the media with the MIAA voice and text hotlines that may be reached thru the following numbers: Voice Hotline: 88771111/ Text Hotline: 88396242.

Meantime, the NAIA flight information numbers are: Terminal 1 (8771109 loc 765 and 2852); Terminal 2 (8771109 loc 2882 and 2880); Terminal 4 (8771109 loc 4226) and Terminal 3 (8777888 loc 8144 and 8146).

Itchie G. Cabayan
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