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SYKES relaunches mobile app to bolster employee engagement

Multinational BPO pioneer SYKES Philippines is launching a new version of its SYKES PH Mobile App.

Created exclusively for employees, the app’s version 2.0 would feature a fresh and slick design, integrated with tools that employees often use and need, providing them a quick and easy way to access important updates and links.

Faster and much more optimized, the new app has a decluttered and easy to use interface, featuring a newsfeed that displays the latest and most important company-wide announcements.

Another key feature is the “My Apps” section, where employees can access useful tools such as the schedule viewer, which helps ensure better accuracy when fulfilling schedule assignments and minimize disputes on salary computation.

“Communication is a core component of the success of our operations and with thousands of employees to manage, we really need to leverage on the modern capabilities of technology to keep in touch with all of them.We made improvements to our previous app to keep it fresh and responsive to current needs and for a better overall experience that will keep SYKESers entertained and connected to their colleagues,” said Lia Lynn Marcos, Human Resources senior director, APAC.

The new SYKES PH Mobile App would prove most useful amid the uncertainty of the 2019 coronavirus disease pandemic situation as it can be used to instantly advise employees of any crucial information or guidance from management.

It would allow SYKESers to answer the “Daily Health Checklist,” an additional precautionary measure that employees must accomplish before reporting on-site to ensure everyone’s health during the pandemic.

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In addition, the app is also used to disseminate Disaster Awareness Response Program advisories in cases of natural disasters and other unforeseen circumstances to ensure that SYKESers are safe and secure.

As with the existing app, SYKESers can still use the new one to address certain concerns as it gives quick access to HR Policies, answers FAQs, and even provides links to important government websites.

Meanwhile, other app features were carried over but simplified further in the new version. This includes the gamification feature that awards points to SYKESers for completing tasks like reading announcements. Points earned from in-app activities can be used to claim exclusive rewards and even SYKES merchandise in the future.

“Our main goal for the SYKES PH Mobile App is to turn it into a 24/7 one-stop source for tools that can help our employees manage their work life and other related concerns. We have more exciting features in the pipeline that we plan to roll out in the coming months, to continuously provide our employees a world-class work experience,” added Marcos.

SYKES developed its new mobile app in a fresh platform that would easily allow the mobile app development team to integrate more innovations in the future.

SYKESers can now download the new app via <https://bit.ly/SYKESMobileAppAndroid> for Android users or <https://bit.ly/SYKESMobileAppiOS> for those using iOS devices. SYKESers are also advised that the app’s Version 1 would be decommissioned one month after the launch.