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Taguig rolls out P13.5B budget for 2021; assures free vaccination for all

TAGUIG City rolled out a 2021 P13.5 billion “recovery budget” which includes P1 billion for vaccination. It also reminded citizens that vaccination is just one component of their fight to end COVID.

Included in the recovery budget is P1 billion for their vaccine roll out plan, where they want to ensure every citizen has access to free COVID-19 vaccine

As early as September, we have already started planning for vaccination, it will complement our other ongoing anti-COVID programs like our aggressive mass testing and treatment,” said Mayor Lino Cayetano.

He added that the city wants to make sure that “testing continues throughout 2021; that our free testing in 30 health centers and two drive-through sites continue and we continue to invest in healthcare and treatment.

Taguig’s own molecular laboratory and disease surveillance units will also continue operations and will be funded in 2021 since disease surveillance is one of the most important aspects of preventing the spread of COVID and other infectious diseases even while the vaccine is being rolled out.

We are working closely with the Joint Task Force and the Department of Health for the allotment of vaccine for Taguig but also already talking to suppliers for our own procurement once we are given the green light. We are also set to launch our model vaccine stations and our citizens ID this January. Both are important components of vaccine rollout plan,” he added.

Mayor Lino assures citizens that the city has prepared early for all COVID contingencies and reminds citizens that vaccination is important but it is just one component in the continued fight vs. COVID.

We need to continue to be vigilant and be responsible,” Mayor Lino added.

Taguig has the lowest active cases in Metro Manila to end 2020 and is confident it will lead in the transition to the new normal.

Balance between finally opening up all remaining aspects of the economy and getting people back to work; getting kids back to school and finally getting all aspects of society back on track will be the most important goals of 2021,” Mayor Lino highlighted.