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Tansingco warns against fake BI order of inspections on entertainment places

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Bureau of Immigration (BI) operatives are not allowed to randomly inspect establishments.

Thus declared BI Commissioner Norman Tansingco, as he issued a warning to the public, particularly to foreign nationals, about a fake operations order circulating in chat groups over the internet.

Tansingco stressed that the bureau did not issue any such operations order titled ‘checking overstaying and illegal employment in various entertainment places.’

He said that the fake order claimed that immigration personnel are directed to inspect entertainment places in Manila, including bars, KTVs, music houses, golf clubs, bowling alleys, internet cafes, amusement parks, casinos, hotels, guest houses and restaurants to search for illegal aliens.

“No such order has been issued by the BI,” said Tansingco. “Our operatives are not authorized to randomly inspect establishments, but instead are required to secure a mission order to conduct an arrest. A mission order is only issued upon thorough investigation and confirmation that the subject foreign national has indeed violated immigration laws,” the BI chief said.

Tansingco expressed belief that the fake order is being used by syndicates that scare foreign nationals in the country to scam them as he encouraged the public to immediately report to his office or to local law enforcement agencies should there be any such incident, vowing swift action.

Itchie G. Cabayan
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