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TEAM KRT Crowned The Champion of KartRider Rush+ SEA Tournament Esports 2nd Program “Rush Circuit”

Team KRT

TEAM KRT” cut off Thai “SURREALISM” in the final and secured the champion position in Rush Circuit, a Speed Team mode program of Race Master SEA Tournament 2021.

On April 30,The 2nd program from Race Master SEA Tournament 2021 “Rush Circuit” of the popular mobile racing game KartRider Rush+ ended. The Korean champion “TEAM KRT” won the final round against the famous Thai speed race team “SURREALISM” by 3 – 1 score.


If you missed the livestream during the time the event took place, you may watch the game on the last day of the tournament using a link below.

  • Watch the livestream (Apr 30): Here

The staff had an interview with TEAM KRT after the tournament ended. Asking them about their team origin and how they practice in order to become the champion of this program.

Once we saw the tournament registration which is limited only to players living in 5 countries in SEA. We just looked for the Koreans who live in these countries just like us. With our leader GYEOL from Singapore, SINSA from Indonesia, MALAY & YEON from Malaysia, and me, CHAEL from Thailand.

There was no qualification for any of us. I guess me, CHAEL, was the last pick. I feel so lucky and I appreciate every one of my teammates for trusting me.

We practiced together for about a month, without having a fixed schedule. We just texted each other in the group chat if anyone is playing at the moment. And sometimes all of us would play together just to practice for teamwork. We think the most important things are just enjoying it and doing the best at every moment.

The staff also asked which one is each person’s favorite kart. And TEAM KRT quickly sent us their beloved karts.

Dark Knight and Tyranno are our champs’ favourite pick for this tournament. Which has recently been added to the game as Legendary karts in the previous season 5 and 6 update respectively.

The main karts we used during the tournament are Dark Knight, Tyranno, and Chaos. We think they are the best karts so far.

But that’s not all! Get yourself ready for the upcoming 4 programs which will be available throughout 2021. Make sure to follow the latest updates, tournament applications, livestreams, and results at KartRider Rush+.

About Race Master SEA Tournament 2021

Race Master SEA Tournament 2021 #RaceFromHome is the first Southeast Asia esports tournament of KartRider Rush+, the famous mobile racing game by Nexon. Welcoming racers from 5 countries including Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia to compete against each other for the total reward value of over $19,000. The tournament broadcasts through livestreams and lasts throughout the year of 2021.

Race Master

Race Master SEA Tournament 2021 is packed with 6 different programs.

  1. [Ended] SMASH ATTACK – Item Team Mode
  2. [Ended] RUSH CIRCUIT – Speed Team Mode
  3. XTREME – Item Solo Mode
  4. BLAZING TRACK – Speed Solo Mode
  5. SMASH ATTACK 2 – Item Team Mode
  6. RUSH CIRCUIT 2 – Speed Team Mode

Get the latest updates about KartRider Rush+ via Facebook Page or https://kartrush.nexon.com/.

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