All-in-one chips seen boosting computer power for artificial intelligence needs

December 14, 2019
source: timesofisrael

Researchers at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and Israeli chipmaker TowerJazz said they have developed a “revolutionary” technology that transforms a commercial flash memory chip into a device that contains both memory and computing ability.

This will help provide the computing power needed for artificial intelligence-based applications, the researchers said.

The new device enables the creation of a “hardware neural network” inspired by the operation of the human brain, and will “significantly” accelerate the operation of AI-based computing, the Technion said in a statement.

In their work, the researchers took one of TowerJazz’s commercial memory transistors, and by connecting two of the three “legs” of the component, they managed to transform it into a so-called memristor, a device that has both computing power and memory. This can be efficiently used as a “synapse” to connect between artificial neurons used in AI systems, Kvatinsky said.

In their study, the researchers then took their newly developed memristors and connected them, creating a neural hardware network — which emulates the function of the brain.

Because the memristors are situated on existing TowerJazz transistors, they immediately interface with all the devices the transistors work with, he said.

“The new technology has been tested under real conditions, demonstrating that it can be implemented in building neural hardware networks, thus significantly improving the performance of commercial artificial intelligence systems. Like the brain, the improved system excels in its ability to store data over the long term and in its very low energy consumption.”