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Thanking God for good rice harvest

Zone 6 ladies clinch the second prize in the Floor Show Street Dancing competition

WARAYNONS in colorful costumes resembling the swaying of rice stalks being blown by the wind, giant scarecrows and carabao contests and local traditional dances thanking God for a bountiful harvest are set to unfold in Parayan festival in time for the 60th founding anniversary of San Roque, Northern Samar on March 16.

This year’s annual Parayan Festival focuses on the local unique culture that gives importance to the agri-fishery, boosting the tourism part of the municipality, while giving tribute to farmers’ indefatigable hard work in rice fields along with thanksgiving for a good harvest.

Municipal Mayor Don Abalon said the highlights of the Parayan Festival includes a dance parade, floorshow dancing competition participated in by the different barangays of the municipality and the “Pahoy” contest which the locals refer to as scarecrows.

He said there are other competitions all throughout the day that ends in the evening with a dance party at the municipal auditorium and the awarding ceremony.

“Parayan” is a Waraynon word which means bountiful rice harvest, is depicted through a dance ritual festival every year presented by the different Barangays as they pay tribute to the Patron Saint of the Farmers, Señor San Isidro de Labrador.

Most of the dance moves would have rice stalks with its leaves as props and designs for added attraction while the sound of pounding the grains of golden rice would be heard as it sways to the beat of the drums. Some participants would also portray “talabongs,” a kind of bird which protects the palays from locusts and insects.

Municipal Mayor Don Abalon is inviting all San Roquenhons and Nortehanons to join the fun activities for the Parayan Festival. For more schedule of activities, visit Norsam.net or Tourism page of San Roque.