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The basic principles of tennis betting

Tennis betting

Tennis is a dynamic and spectacular sport, where prominent men’s and women’s tournaments are continuously held. In the bookmaker’s lines, you can always find events in this discipline. However, before placing bets on tennis matches, you should thoroughly study the game’s rules to understand its styles and types of courts because these are the main factors that directly affect the result.

At major international betting operators, such as 10Bet, tennis is in the top five biggest betting markets, including soccer, baseball, basketball, and football. There are several potentially lucrative betting options in tennis. Therefore, by knowing the rules of the game and tournament schedules on various surfaces, bettors will be able to choose the most convenient and successful bets for themselves.

The main factors influencing the success of tennis betting

When placing tennis bets, it is crucial to consider the advantages and disadvantages of leading tennis players. For both men and women, there are regularly updated world rankings. Using the current data and paying attention to the athletes’ skill on certain surfaces, you can successfully bet on tennis, making a profit over a long distance.

Tennis players play on four main court surfaces: grass, carpet, acrylic hard courts, clay. Carpet is the least popular surface, and it is rarely used in modern tennis international competitions. The acrylic court surface affects the speed of individual players and the ball. Therefore, it is the type of court surface that bettors should pay attention to first of all.

Another critical factor that affects the result is the right-handedness or left-handedness of a tennis player. Some professionals can perform at an identical level both against right- and left-handed players. But many can play well against opponents who serve with a particular hand.

When making predictions in tennis, data about head-to-head matches of opponents are also important. It is necessary to pay attention to the indicators of players’ victories on their own and opposite serves on different surfaces. The sum of all these factors can increase the chances of success in tennis betting.

Major tournaments in tennis

At big tournaments, the unpredictability of the results is much lower. The four Grand Slam tournaments held annually are considered the most important and very prestigious:

  • Australian Open (hard);
  • Roland Garros (clay);
  • Wimbledon (grass);
  • US Open (hard).

Each of these tournaments includes both men and women and includes singles and doubles events.

Equally important are the final tournaments, which are held at the end of each year. These majors are attended by the top eight players in the men’s and women’s rankings.

Also, during the year, there are regular major tournaments organized by the ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) and the WTA (Women’s Tennis Association).

Types of tennis betting

In the lines of bookmaker’s operators, you can see four main betting markets. 10Bet, a review of which is published on https://bookmaker-ratings.com/review/10bet-review/, presents the most common options:

  1. Betting on the winner of the game (there is no draw in tennis).
  2. A handicap. Depending on the level of players, experts assign tennis players an advantage of a few games or sets, thus creating a level playing field for opponents. Bettors bet on whether a player will overcome a negative handicap or whether his opponent can win with a plus handicap.
  3. The number of games. This betting option is similar to the total, more or less in other sports. Bookmaker puts an odd on the number of games played to determine the winner, and bettors choose whether the number of games will be more or less than the specified number.
  4. Outright. This type of betting is presented in the line for each tournament. Gamblers can already bet on the final winner at the start of the competition.

If initially, the rules of the game and tennis betting may seem complicated, it is only worth watching a few broadcasts to get into the essence and begin an understanding of the sport.

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