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The Bizarre in Budget, Again

Budget 2024

While preoccupied with the West Philippine Sea row, let us not lose sight of another “row” that is more crucial and could be worse as a problem should we fail to avert the squandering of the people’s money, year after year.

I am referring to the proposed national budget for 2024 in particular and the compelling need for Congress to be unshackled from “politics” that it may do its duties wisely and freely before approving it, with the good and welfare of the Filipino people (not any politician or partisan politics) as their one and only chief concern.

Why do our officials plan/project (as always) to spend as if the government (one administration after another) is not in a frenzy/craze to secure loans from financial institutions till hell freezes over, unmindful of tomorrows. And as if all of us, much less the future generations, are not getting ever deeper into debt, unstoppably?

“Nobody has ever bet enough on a winning horse.” Gamble more.

The task for both the Upper and Lower Chambers to scrutinize the budget requires independence, due diligence, statesmanship, virtue, discernment and courage – beyond simply issuing resolutions to condemn China in its vexing, sinister tactics to grab the WPS.

Be circumspect or circumcised (Deuteronomy 30:6)) in fulfilling your obligations to the nation, not to “gods,” dear honorable senators and congressmen – lest you succumb to the whims and caprices (or follies) of the equally fallible Executive Department. And lest you forget, the Legislature is co-equal with the Executive under our democratic system of government.

Without recognizing and applying such an imperative libertarian setup, you wreck the government and the country. Doing public service is not playing baccarat or politics. The Constitution divides the government into three branches for a reason – checks and balances. Cooperation, not collaboration is the method for everyone in Congress to serve the country truly and effectively, and to elude ending up as a mere rubber stamp body. Bootless.

In view of the adage, “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” (Lord Acton), any president of any country needs supporters who will disagree with him more than those who will agree – to assure a guarded, steady voyage and to get to the other side safely, successfully. Let prudence reign and rule. Worship God, not positions or mammon or “affinity.”

Chuck screwballs and the whopping intel and confidential funds, and crush every bit and part of them as budget proposals. These include all forms of pork barrel, and those that are hidden in other budget allocations under different names. Don’t merely cut them, junk them altogether and you’ll do a great service/favor to the motherland that may spell the start of national awakening, progress and development.

Campaign Budget

These so-called intelligence and confidential funds are not about blessing our country and citizens. Far from it. They are nought and zilch but (plain and simple) crookedness, political insecurity, political survival, political ambitions, elections/campaigns-related, avarice, power hunger, hidden agenda, vested interests, dubious business, etc. – to bless wolves, crocodiles and vultures in politics and the world of gluttons.

The nation and our people have got nothing to benefit from them, absolutely. Guard what is ours, not just the WPS.

Be brave, not bizarre.

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