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The Blue Hole Awaits as Dave The Diver Takes the Plunge Into Early Access Oct. 27

Dave The Diver

New gameplay from the aquatic adventure will be featured on The MIX Next Showcase

SEOUL – Oct. 17, 2022 – Underwater adventure and tycoon game DAVE THE DIVER is heading to Steam Early Access on Thursday, Oct. 27. Fans can also catch all-new gameplay from MINTROCKET’s marine exploration at The MIX Next’s upcoming showcase.

DAVE THE DIVER’S Early Access version features a few key additions including:

  • New content and minigames: food critics, seahorse races, and vegetable & fish farms
  • Thrilling boss fights against giant deep-sea creatures
  • Opportunities to discover the traces of a lost civilization and uncover the mystery of the Sea people

DAVE THE DIVER wraps underwater exploration and restaurant tycoon gameplay into one enchanting pixel art package. As deep-sea divers, players can experience the Blue Hole’s rich marine ecosystem, all while hunting fish, battling giant creatures and discovering ancient artifacts. However, a mysterious threat lurks close by, making it important to collect new equipment to maintain defenses. Out of the water, players take on running a sushi restaurant, capturing the soul of the sea in their dishes with their freshly-caught ingredients.

Players can dive into early access starting Oct. 27 on Steam. Follow MINTROCKET’s Twitter, join its Discord server or check out the official website to learn more about DAVE THE DIVER.


MINTROCKET is a separate sub-brand of NEXON. The brand aims a world where various genres and new kinds of enjoyment coexist. What makes a great game? MINTROCKET thinks its answer is from the gamers. MINTROCKET only focuses on making fun gameplay and brings immersive gaming experiences worldwide with our creative and inspiring games.

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