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The eSports boom in the Philippines: causes and prospects


Esports in the Philippines is notably developed and continues to grow rapidly, attracting the attention of not only local but also international gaming communities. What is driving the explosive growth of esports in this country?

Game Popularity

Gaming on computers and mobile devices has long been an integral part of the lives of many Filipinos, especially young people. Games like Dota 2, Mobile Legends and League of Legends are hugely popular and draw thousands of players to events and tournaments. As for now, people can track games of Dota 2 at the https://ggbetcenter.net/tl-ph

Internet access

The Philippines is marked by a high level of internet access, which allows a large number of people to play esports. Many have the opportunity to play at home or in specialized gaming centers, which makes it easier to form teams and hold tournaments.


State Support

The Philippine government understands the potential of esports and actively supports it. In 2017, esports was recognized as an official sport, and in 2019, at the Southeast Asian Games, esports was included in the list of official disciplines for the first time.

Investments and Sponsors

In recent years, large corporations and brands have begun to invest in Philippine esports. They sponsor teams, organize tournaments, and build esports arenas. This increases the flow of funds to the industry and ensures further growth.


The development of esports in the Philippines is associated with a number of factors: from the passion of the population for video games to active support from the state and business. The speed with which the esports industry in the Philippines is growing speaks of its great potential and prospects on a global scale.

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