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For the past 53 years, history tells us that the CPP-NPA-NDF incessantly works to find loopholes and faults in our government. They take advantage of the vulnerable sectors such as the Indigenous People (IP), youth, women, fisher folks and other peasant workers or laborers and deceptively use them as dispensable pieces of toys in their sinister objective to overthrow the government while, radicalizing their minds that the only solution and ideology that can change the government is through the armed struggle- the Communist Ideology.

But looking on the circumstances, 5 decades have already passed and yet they are still on the edge of fighting on what they believe is right and best for the Filipino people. But what is really the best government for us, Filipinos? What is really the right thing to do with our country? Do we really think that armed struggle is the best solution? How sure are we that if we shifted to being communist-minded people, we will have a better life ahead of us?

One thing that I cannot forget from a former communist-minded individual, Mr Ruben Guevarra, he once said in one of his interviews that we, Filipinos, have our own ideology- the Filipino Ideology. He also mentioned that it is the nature of the Filipinos to believe in God, that Filipinos are humane, values life and most of all considers family as the linchpin for everything. And that these were all shattered by the Communist Terrorism.

Having the Filipino Ideology is one thing that we can be proud of, that no matter what happens to us, whatever crisis we are facing, we can still manage to smile and laugh at our misfortunes. It only shows that we are resilient and always ready to stand up again and go on with our life to be better not only for our own sake but also for our families and fellow countrymen.

The armed struggle perpetrated all forms of human rights violations among Filipinos but, it was cunningly used and justified by the communists as the messiah of change. The hidden agenda of the CPP-NPA-NDF is advancing to their self-serving desires, which cares less for its members as exposed in the various physical evidence taken in their lairs, solidified by the testimonies of former members who have decided to return to the government’s side and put behind them the abusive life they experienced while in the organization.

So, I enjoin everyone to adapt the Filipino Ideology, our own ideology that makes us unique with any other countries, that no matter what life may bring us, we should not be persuaded by the lies and deceptions of the CPP-NPA-NDF and most importantly, that armed struggle is not the solution to have a better government. If we really want change, we should start within ourselves and take care of our family and friends so that they, in return, will also appreciate their loved ones.

Janine A Martin
Tadian, Mt Province

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