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The Inhumanity of Land Mines

The untimely and senseless deaths of Far Eastern University football player Keith Absalon and his cousin, Nolven and the injuries to Chrisbin Daniel due to a land mine explosion in Masbate City highlights the inhumanity of this internationally outlawed device.

Because of its persistent, indiscriminate and inhumane nature, the use, manufacture, and sale of anti-personnel land mines is banned by the 1997 Ottawa Treaty (Mine Ban Convention) of which the Republic of the Philippines is a signatory together with a vast majority of civilized nations. Various United Nations General Assembly Resolutions reflect a clear and convincing global consensus against the use of anti-personnel land mines.

We strongly condemn the use of anti-personnel land mines, seek justice for the innocent victims, and demand full accountability and punishment for those who callously deployed the land mines.

No goal or ideology can justify a blatant disregard of the laws and conscience of humanity. Even in the extreme conditions of war, the principles of decency and humanity must be honored.

Let us be firm and united in banishing anti-personnel land mines from the Philippines and in the world. Let us work together to uphold our laws and the principles of humanity to achieve genuine and lasting peace in our beloved country.

Source: Integrated Bar of the Philippines

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