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The Politics of Approving the Budget

House Speaker Martin G. Romualdez
House Speaker Martin G. Romualdez

The Vice President is very thankful to the House of Representatives for quickly (and blindly) approving the P2.3 billion budget of her office, in a way swifter than the legendary cartoon character, Speedy Gonzales – in just 10 minutes, sans any discussion and deliberation. Wow!

And with the House Speaker vowing on behalf of Congressmen, to approve (in servility) the whole national budget of P5.268 trillion for 2023 on third and final reading before they take a break on October 1, what more can we ask from them – or from politics? Cheers!

This is the bane of politics. Once politicians get elected, they don’t cease being politicians to start becoming public servants. Ever wonder why the occupants of Malacanang (whoever sits as president) want more of their party mates and allies to compose the majority members of both houses of Congress? Is it not for an obvious reason to control everyone and create a rubber stamp legislature out of politics? Exactly.

Philippine CongressCongressmen and senators don’t just go through the motion supposedly (like robots) when a government’s proposed budget is submitted to them. There is a purpose for it, divine, crucial and important/significant far above just affixing their signatures on papers to bless it.

Don’t surrender the power (exclusively vested on you) to a branch of government you are mandated not only to support and work with, but more so to serve as wardens to officials there – for checks and balances. Otherwise, you cease to be co-equal with them or with the other two branches/pillars of our democratic institution. Realize that you’ll be serving the President and Vice-President more, much less doing real good service to our people when you function as you should.

Stop playing with our lives and future.

Dear countrymen, don’t expect changes to happen or for the quality of life of Filipinos to improve anywhere on the near or far horizon if our leaders/politicians will not change their ways (and heart) in governing the country. Alas!

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