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The Right Way Of Using An iPad For Studying

iPad For Studying

iPads are extremely popular amongst the students, it makes managing the schedule, studying and learning process extremely easy if used the right way. With the availability of digital texts and the ability to make digital notes, the iPad plays a critical role among the students. Even though iPads are expensive, the investment is worth making due to multiple reasons. If you have an iPad and are wondering how to use it, here is how you can use an iPad in the right way for studying.

1. Take notes with the right app

To use an iPad for taking notes, the way you take notes in a notebook, you will need an Apple pencil. You can use your iPad for making notes while preparing for a Sarkari Exam or another exam. Using an iPad for making notes erases the need of carrying multiple notebooks. Apps like Evernote allows you to create multiple notebooks for creating notes and further, supports different page layouts. Whether you want a dotted notebook style or a blank, you can have it all on Evernote. Also, you get the option of trying different pen and highlights while creating notes on such apps.

2. Scan and Annotate PDFs

Reading PDFs is extremely easy on the iPad. The PDFs that you read on your iPad can be marked and highlighted. If your teacher gives the notes of a lesson in PDF format, you can easily read them on the go and further highlight the important aspect of the notes. In addition to that, you can create your very own note in the form of comments on the PDF which allows you to engage in deep learning.

Further, you can also scan important documents through your iPad. If you want to scan your Sarkari Result to digitize it, open the Notes app and tap on the Camera option, click a photo and you have now successfully digitized the document. Also, scanning and storing documents on the iPad makes it highly accessible as you get the option to share it with other people whenever you want to.

3. Watch lectures on the go

iPads are such handy devices, that you get the freedom to go through video lectures even while commuting. However, it is recommended to download the lesson if possible to ensure that you do not run through any internet issues when you want to stream the video. On top of it, the split screen function of the iPad allows you to take notes from the lecture side by side.

4. Digital planner and bullet journal

Many a time, students prefer to have their very own journal. However, journals can be expensive, especially journals which have an aesthetic look. You can say goodbye to this expense by going for a digital planner or journal on your iPad. There are multiple companies that sell digital journals and there are many more which allow them to use their journals for free. On top of it, there are also apps that allow you to journal and plan. Depending upon what you want, you can go for any of these options.

5. Make presentations on Keynote and Google Slides

iPad supports both Keynote and Google Slides, both of which are extremely helpful in making professional presentations. Even though it might look like creating presentations on an iPad might invite hassle, it is not the case. Both the apps are designed for iPad in a manner that creating a professional presentation using these apps looks like you are using a laptop to create a presentation. At first, it might look a bit problematic but slowly with time, you will get used to it and will become skilled enough to create a presentation on an iPad in a jiffy.

There are plenty of apps in the form of tools which you can use for converting your iPad into a powerful educational tool. However, you will need to explore these apps first to ensure that you are using the iPad to its full potential. Also, it is recommended to get the required accessories like the Apple pencil to further make the device more powerful. an iPad is a good investment for the students only if they know how to use it correctly.

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