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The State of Online Casinos in Indonesia in 2021

The marvelous beaches and the exotic greenery of Indonesia sure do enchant everyone alike. The amenities are so lavish, and the nightlife is so captivating that one naturally concludes that Indonesia must house some of the most wonderful casinos. But this is not the case since gambling is not legal in Indonesia and has been banned by the government.

Are there laws against gambling in Indonesia?

Indonesia boasts of being the fourth most populous country in the world. A major chunk of the population, close to eighty-five percent, is dominated by Muslims. Due to the ardent devotion towards culture and religion, there have been stringent rules and regulations to prevent gambling and other such activities. Hence, currently, there are no legal casinos, poker rooms, or betting shops in Indonesia. This is a testament to the fact that once a lottery run by the state government was also shut down due to vehement protests by the people.

To let the players know of the consequences of running or being involved in the casinos in Indonesia, it is fit to know that casinos run illegally. They are the point of frequent raids by authorities, and involvement of any sort leads to a jail term up to a maximum of five years.

Foreign tourists coming to Indonesia are mostly unaware of the scenario and lose their money and worth over illegal casinos.

Despite the laws, Do Indonesia, have Online Casinos?

As they say, rules are meant to be broken. The same applies to all the online casinos that exist in Indonesia despite all the legal hindrances. Online betting games include rummy, bingo, poker, games based on casinos and sports. Though, it is worth knowing that these internet-based games are also not legal in Indonesia.

It has been reported that the Indonesian government has issued licenses to around eight thousand online gambling websites including Gclub slots; hence involving yourself in a game on these websites can seem to lower the risk. These online casinos, though, are not operated within the country but rather at offshore locations. Hence these casinos are safer and can be played by tourists and Indonesians alike.

The use of a VPN device comes as a safe recommendation in case one wants to protect himself from any legal adversities.

What are 3 popular Indonesian casinos?

Some online casino websites are relatively safer and more dependable than others. Casino lovers can try their fortunes on them without being captivated by the fear of getting caught in illegal gambling. These websites are-

1. Dafabet Casino – The important features of this casino are :

• There are live casino games available.
• Bet Games are available.
• It can be played easily on mobile devices.

2. 22Bet – The important features of 22Bet are :

• The welcome offers and promotional offers are very exciting.
• More than a hundred slots are available for playing.
• There are a lot of baccarat alternatives.

3. Joker Casino – The major attractions of this casino are :

• This casino is available in Indonesian.
• It also accepts the Indonesian money that is the Rupiah.
• Sports betting are available in this casino.

Other games where players can safely gamble include poker, roulette, slots, baccarat, three card poker, craps, and blackjack. Since Indonesia is a huge global tourist destination, it attracts a lot of people. These options listed above can be the safest and best in terms of rewards for the people who like to spend time at casinos. Moreover, the welcome bonuses, rewards, and free spin bonuses have a lot to offer, so it is always worthwhile to not risk anything and play with relatively safer casinos.

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