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The Strange case of the Martian Monkey

By Brent Swancer

IT had started out as a normal night for police officer Sherley Brown and his partner, another hot summer July night near the town of Austell, in the U.S. state of Georgia. It was a quiet, rural area where not much ever usually happened, the two typically using the time to chat or to merely watch the night and lane lines go by. Yet on this evening they were about to turn a bend and come across a strange tale, and the night was about to turn out to be one of the most bizarre they’d ever experienced, complete with UFOs and what seemed to be a dead alien.

It was July 8, 1953, and Brown and partner were just outside of Austell, just north of Atlanta, driving along the Bankhead highway. As the two officers rounded the bend, they had to stop because there was a pickup truck sitting practically in the middle of the road, surrounded by three very agitated and panicked looking men. When Brown got out to approach them, they identified themselves as a two town barbers named Ed Watters and Tom Wilson, as well as a local butcher by the name of Arnold Payne. The men were very excited, blabbering away talking over each other and obviously breathless and frightened. When Brown told them to calm down, he was able to get them to explain what had happened and this was far from the crime the police officer had been expecting.

THEThe men told the police officers that they had been driving along the quiet rural road when then had turned the same bend to see a glowing red flying saucer hovering there over the asphalt. When they had slowed down to gawk in amazement, they had noticed two small bizarre creatures about 2 feet tall lurking about in the bushes, one of which had jumped out right in front of their truck to be hit, while the other scurried off to board the UFO, which then turned blue and sped off into the night, shooting out flames as it did so to scorch the road. They also claimed that when they had stopped the car, they had found that they had not only hit the strange creature, but that it was lying there dead on the road. Brown did not believe one bit of this until they showed him evidence in that the highway was indeed scorched with what looked like very high heat, and even weirder was that they still had the dead alien. Brown took a look at it and could see that it was hairless and pale, with a misshapen head and round oversized eyes. It was hideous and obviously not of this world, so Brown was forced to concede that they might be telling the truth, reporting it to headquarters.

It did not take long at all for the story of the UFO and dead alien to get out into the wild, and soon the police station was being called by the news, the Air Force, and dozens of other people who claimed to have seen lights in the sky and strange creatures scampering about on that very same night. In fact, the police station was being deluged by such calls, and when it hit the news the next day it was the talk of Atlanta, with many people truly believing they were in the midst of an actual alien invasion, only further fueled by numerous images of the creepy dead alien body splashed all over the news. In the meantime, a local veterinarian took a look at the body and was unable to identify it as any animal he knew of and saying it looked “not of this world,” which only served to create more panic and stoke the flames of a growing mass hysteria and media frenzy. People were losing their minds.

As all of this was going on, the creature now being called “The Martian Monkey” was taken to Emory University to be examined by two anatomy professors, who quickly saw it for what is really was. It would turn out that this was no Martian monkey or alien creature, but just a normal monkey, a rhesus monkey to be exact, that had been shaved and made up to look weirder than it was, with one of the professors remarking, “If it’s from outer space, they haven’t invented anything new.” The three men who claimed to have killed the alien then quickly confessed that it was all a big prank that had gotten out of control. They had then gone about somehow getting a dead monkey, shaving it, and chopping off its tail, and adding some green food coloring for added bizarreness, after which they had gone out to that highway and burned scorch marks into the asphalt using a blowtorch to give it an added layer of realism.

MonkeyThe Martian Monkey

Even after this revelation it took some time for people to begin to calm down and accept that they weren’t being invaded by aliens, and in the meantime, the three responsible were charged with animal cruelty, managing to get off on a technicality. They were ultimately slapped with just a $40 fine for obstructing the highway and further dogged by people calling them the Monkey Men. They ended up sort of dropping from the radar, with the monkey itself ending up in the possession of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation mini-museum, where it can still be seen on display to this day. It is all a whirlwind of weirdness, and just goes to show how hoaxes and information can sometimes take off to accrue a life of their own. This sort of thing goes on all the time even in modern times, and forces us to keep our heads straight and look at spectacular claims with a critical eye.



Interesting mass alien abduction event experienced in Winnipeg, Manitoba

A WINNIPEG resident describes as abduction event which was shared by several other experiencers, including subsequent activity aboard a disc-shaped craft. Very detailed.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

“Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in 1989 -1992: I’ve searched the web for many years trying to find reference to an experience I had in the early 90’s in Winnipeg. I’m male and was living with my best friend in a house in the south end of the city. I was in my late 20’s, healthy, fit, pragmatic, and socially active.

One night, I went to bed, fell asleep then recall awakening to a bright light in my bedroom. My room faced north to the back yard of the house. Behind the house was an open field with no homes backing the property for a distance close to 2 city blocks, no streets, and no buildings. I found that I was unable to move but through peripheral vision I could see a figure directly to my left (my head was toward the window, which faced the back yard, and my feet toward the door) and a figure near the foot of the bed on the same side. I sensed other figures to my right but can’t explain why. They were tall and their faces were all obscured as though they wore hoods or as though they were shadowed in some way.

Shortly after this, I felt myself floating off of the bed. I then passed through the wall and into the back yard where I was now suspended two stories above the ground. Next memory I have, I was upright and floating along a dirt path, much like the path created by repeated passage of a tractor in a field. I was passing through a barb wired gate directly in front of me. I wasn’t alone. There were several people with me. A couple were women, still in night attire, and the rest were men or children. In total, I recall maybe 10 or 15 people. I didn’t see any of their faces. It seemed as though I was unable to turn my head and could see only what was either directly in front of me or peripheral.

Slightly ahead of us was a structure that resembled a mushroom. It was disc-shaped and mounted at the top with a stalk that reached to the ground. The stalk was only about 10 to 12 feet high and I estimate 10 to 15 feet in diameter, and a ramp that followed the contours of the cylindrical stalk wound up to an opening in the underside of the disc. At the opening, and presumably all around the disc, the surface sloped downward at about a 35 to 40 degree angle from a nearly horizontal orientation at the majority of the disc underside.

At this point I feel as though I was walking, and no longer floating. I followed the ramp into the disc and was able to survey my surroundings. There were contoured seats in the center, all facing outwards in a circular pattern. They backed onto a central pillar that must have been huge since, by my estimate, there had to be at least 5 or six human size seats arranged around only one third of the circumference that I could see from my vantage. All of the seats faced outwards and on the outer surface were panes of glass, or some other transparent substance. Each pane was about 3 feet wide by 4 to 5 feet high with narrow mullions between each pane. Just like the seats, they followed a curved surface that matched the curvature of the central seats and pillar but with a wider circumference. Between the foot of each seat and the windows was an aisle that was at least 5 ft wide but no more than 6 or seven ft.

Makati City Pabakuna

I don’t recall communicating with anyone, or anything. What I do remember is being seated in one of the contoured seats and feeling secured by something, then, rapid acceleration as we took off into the sky. I remember the incredibly fast receding lights of Winnipeg as viewed through the windows, a seemingly instantaneous arrival at another city, a rapid buzzing of that city, and then no other visual or physical stimulus. The only other thing I remember, and this very vividly, is an implanted knowledge that the city we buzzed was Calgary, Alberta, and that I must go there to live and that this was very important; in addition that this was imperative because something was going to happen that would result in flooding of much of central North America and that by going there, I would survive.

Now, this, admittedly, was very bizarre. I had never had an experience like this before. In fact, when I climbed out of bed the next morning I thought that had to be the most vivid and strange dream that I had ever experienced. As with any other day, I had a shower, dressed and headed off to work in my car. However, on the way to work, while listening to the radio, I heard that there was a UFO sighting by multiple people north of Winnipeg late the prior evening. As you can expect, chills ran up my spine, and I have been unnerved by this memory, ever since.

As I said at the onset, I have been unable to find reference to this event from online-accessible media records and have never encountered similar testimony by others from around the same time and place. I would be overjoyed to hear from someone else who had a similar experience near the same time; just to put my mind at rest. By the way, this was not terrifying, only exhilarating. This was not sleep paralysis. I have had sleep paralysis, and it was terrifying.” RF

Phantoms & MOnsters


The bizarre story of the ground control Crew UFO cult

By Brent Swancer

As long as the UFO phenomenon has existed there have been those looking to tap into it, shape it, mold it to their wishes, and convince others of their version of the “truth.” This way lies the myriad UFO cults existing out there, which range from the harmless to those that have ended in tragedy. These are some very weird stories of people who have somehow been convinced to believe some very fringe beliefs, often only on the word of one leader who exudes authority and who is respected as being in the know. Rarely have such UFO cults ended up in a good place, and here we will look at another such belief system based on UFOs and an enigmatic leader with some rather strange messages for the world.

The whole strange affair begins with a man named Sheldon Nidle. Born on November 11, 1946, he would later claim that almost from his very birth he had been contacted by alien intelligences from the planet Sirius, who were allegedly part of a larger “Galactic Federation.” These aliens apparently contacted him throughout his entire life, communicating with him telepathically, taking him into their spaceship, and implanting him with what he calls “direct core knowledge inserts.” He would claim that he was a “star seed from Sirius” destined to do great things. Nidle would say that he then ceased contact with the aliens for some time while he attended Ohio University and the University of Southern California, graduating with an M.A. in Southeast Asian government and an M.A. in American politics and international public administration, eventually earning a PhD and pursuing research into alternative energy sources. He is obviously no fool, well-educated and eloquent, but in the 1990s he would get back to talking about aliens again when he claimed that the Galactic Federation had approached him once more, making him their representative on Earth.

NidleSheldon Nidle

In 1996, Nidle began talking of telepathic communications he had had with the Federation that dealt with some urgent business, indeed. The aliens allegedly told him of an incoming cataclysm that would wipe out Earth as we know it. According to Nidle, the planet would be transformed into a more pristine state by passing into the path of what he called the “Photon Belt,” which was an area of space imbued with strange energy properties that would metamorphize human DNA and give us super powers and the ability to regenerate and live forever, as well as telepathic abilities. Are you with me so far? Sounds pretty awesome so far, but the intelligences also told Nidle that passing through the Photon Belt would destroy much of the surface of the planet, with only those who hid underground or were whisked away on spaceships assured to be safe. Luckily for us, Nidle also claimed that the aliens were drilling out subterranean caverns for us to cower in, as well as calling in a fleet of, wait, let me see if I’m reading this right, yes, 15 million spaceships ready to take many of us away from certain doom to join a “deep space brotherhood.

At the time, we were running out of time, as the channeled messages stated that Earth would pass through this Photon Belt no later than December 17, 1996, but not to worry, because the fleet was closing in, due to arrive in early December, and most of humanity would be saved and achieve “a paradise of sociological and ecological evolution.” The ships on the way to our planet were said to be coming from numerous far-flung spacefaring races, such as the Pleiadians, Sirians, Cassopeans, and Arcturians, all of them willing to help us out, as well as apparently actual angels. Nidle would give one message that reads of all of this:

Our planet is moving from third dimensional awareness (physical-material reality-what you can see, feel, hear, taste and touch), to a fourth and a fifth-dimensional consciousness. In these dimensions you will be fully conscious, you will exist in a state of love not fear. You will be telepathic and have much more light in your body. You will be able to create anything you want with your mind and the new technology that will be provided for you. This technology will be beyond your wildest imagination. You will be able to live for hundreds or thousands of years. You will be completely healed of anything that is now wrong with you. You could be 85 years old now and manifest a 20-year-old body. Very soon, we will have millions of space ships and visitors from outer space on this planet. Our government knows this is happening but they want you to be afraid so they can keep life as it has been. Our visitors will be joined with angels that you will see coming down with the ships. They are benevolent and loving. They will bring counselors, supplies, teachers and new technology. We are being assisted by all of Creation – the Spiritual Hierarchy, Angelic Realms, the Galactic Federation of Light, Ascended Masters, and our space brothers and sisters.

You are very blessed and very special to be on this planet at this time. Within a short period of time our planet will be receiving the Photon Belt. This belt of light comes around every 25,000 years. This time it will be ushering in the Golden Age. The photon energy is an extremely loving energy that is comprised of Photons, Gamma Rays, and Anti-matter Particles. When the Photon Belt hits we will have three days of darkness and one day of coldness. Then we will have 16 years of light, 24 hours a day. You will become fully conscious within the first hour when the light beam hits your pineal gland. It will activate all 12 strands of your DNA and you will be able to use all of the rest (90%) of your brain that you currently have not been able to use. You will be able to create with your thought, whatever you need, light up a room, warm yourself, whatever you need. There is nothing to fear. A paradise is being created on this planet that is beyond your furthest imagination. We send much blessings of love and light to you.”

PrertyPretty odd, indeed. There were some strict stipulations laid out for all of this awesome weird space stuff to pan out, such as neutralizing all earthly weapons, which were to be beamed up onto these spaceships, and all technology and mechanical devices were to be shut down upon the aliens’ arrival. We also had to agree to shut down all of our earthly government systems and give ourselves over to these beings, letting them take over with a “Spiritual Hierarchy,” which would help us ascend to higher beings. To help facilitate all of this, Nidle got online and began recruiting his “Ground Crew,” all of this almost exclusively done via the Internet, and this crew was given the task of acting as aides and ambassadors for the coming of the aliens, the training for which would be beamed into their heads as they slept through implant technology. They were also tasked with trying to raise spiritual awareness of what was to come, help us reach a “critical mass of spiritual energy,” and to carry out efforts to ecologically help out the planet. Unfortunately, even with all of these efforts, the aliens’ planned landing in December of 1996 never materialized. Many were dejected, but for Nidle this wasn’t a problem.

The leader of the Ground Crew simply blamed the failure of the arrival on numerous setbacks, such as solar storms, unforeseen technical issues, and humanity simply not being ready yet. It is pretty par for the course for any self-proclaimed prophet whose predictions did not come to pass, but he handled it like a pro. Nidle’s followers believed him and anxiously awaited their spiritual revolution. With the approach of the Hale-Bopp comet in February of 1997, Nidle found the perfect way to continue the mythology by working the comet into the lore, and for good measure he increased the number of approaching spacecrafts to 25 million (!). Nidle claimed that the comet was actually one immense starship with a crew of 20,000, that was merely using holographic cloaking technology to camouflage itself, and that it was followed not far behind by the rest of the massive fleet. To make it sound legit, Nidle even concocted a story that Ground Crew members had had a meeting with alien scouts in the Australian desert at Ayers Rock.

Of course, Hale-Bopp came and went with no such alien space force appearing, so Nidle was once again forced to think on his feet. He began spinning stories of “dark forces” seeking to sabotage the plans, forcing the benevolent forces to delay their arrival until “the right divine time.” According to Nidle, in the meantime we were to act as stewards of the planet and seek to help it recover ecologically and spiritually. Behind the scenes there was some turmoil within the organization, with Nidle clashing with his secretary and the Ground Crew’s chief administrator, Valerie Donnell, causing Nidle to break off and form the “Planetary Activation Organization,” still claiming to be the only one in direct contact with the aliens. His rhetoric would change and evolve, now saying that the aliens were placing “Star Gates” in the upper atmosphere and that there was a secret cabal of Earth leaders who were actively trying to stop the coming of the fleet. Somehow, even with the date of the supposed alien force pushed back again and again, Nidle was able to maintain hundreds of thousands of followers in 29 countries. The organization continues to this day, and we are left to wonder, how does this all keep chugging along? Whatever the case may be, it is certainly an entertaining and intriguing look into some far out stuff.