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Top-5 Most Successful Football Clubs In 2021

Football fans live and breathe this sport. For them, the club championships are a matter of life or death. They fiercely support their favourite teams like warriors and invice livescore sites when their team is playing. During the game, their soul is ignited with a passion for fueling the fire within. As a result, football season is intensely enjoyable.

Overall, the top eight clubs in football 2021 are:

  1. Arsenal
  2. Chelsea
  3. Manchester City
  4. Liverpool
  5. Manchester United
  6. Bayern Munich
  7. Real Madrid CF
  8. FC Barcelona

Let’s take an in-depth look at the top 5 Premier League football clubs in 2021:

1. Arsenal

  • Formation: The club was formed in 1886.
  • Country/Location: The club’s humble origins trace back to Islington, London, England.
  • League Titles: Arsenal boasts of winning 13 League Titles. They have plenty of feathers in their cap.
  • Mascot: The name of the club’s trusty old mascot is Gunnersaurus Rex. He is a cheerful dinosaur who is 7 feet tall. Gunner is happy to support the team at all times. He attends home women’s and men’s games alike.
  • Crest: The trademark red Arsenal crest currently features a cannon.
  • Training: Currently, all the club players train at the Shenley Training Centre. It is located in Hertfordshire.
  • Team Nickname: Arsenal members are lovingly called by their fans “Gunners”. In comparison, Arsenal fans are called “Gooners.”

2. Chelsea

  • Formation: The club was formed in 1905.
  • Country/Location: The origins of this club were in Fulham, London.
  • League Titles: Chelsea is the proud winner of six league titles.
  • Rivalries: Chelsea’s competitors include Liverpool, Arsenal, and Manchester United. Football is tough, and hence the rivalries are tougher.

3. Manchester City

  • Formation: 1894: After the renaming of the club to Manchester City officially. The club was existent before 1894. However, the name of the club was different. Its name was changed two times before becoming the Manchester City we know today.
  • Country/Location: It is based in Manchester, England.
  • Official Ground: The exclusive practice ground for this club is the Etihad Stadium in Melbourne, Australia.
  • League Titles: It has 5 Premier League titles to boast of, making it one of the strongest contestants in the League.
  • Home Colours: The home colours of the uniforms of these goal machines is light blue. Fans adore and trademark this distinctive shade of uniforms.

4. Liverpool

  • Formation: The club was formed in 1892.
  • Country/Location: As the club name suggests, it belongs to Liverpool, UK.
  • League titles: The club has won 19 domestic League titles in total.
  • Crest/Badge: The players and supporters wear the badge proudly on their uniforms or merchandise. It features the city’s iconic Liver bird placed on a shield in the past. It is

5. Manchester United

  • Formation: The formation of the club was in 1902.
  • Country/Location: Manchester, UK.
  • League Titles: They have won cups more than any other club, with a record of 20 League titles.
  • Nickname: They are nicknamed “The Red Devils” by their fans to honour the power they display during the game.

It is a curious coincidence that the top 5 league teams are all based in England. It’s no wonder the country produces the finest footballers. Cant access UK football sites from abrod? Use one of the UK VPNs to obtain residential IP and unblock any content or service based in the United Kiingdom.

Hope these interesting trivia tit-bits were interesting to read. You know a bit more about your favourite club, and now, you can cheer them on with even more pride than before.