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Top Casino Trends For 2020

Whether you like placing wagers or not, we can agree that the casino industry grew tremendously over the last decade thanks to innovations and new technologies. Today, the industry is still growing exponentially, with upcoming technologies such as cryptocurrencies, 5G, and smartphone technology taking casino gaming to the next level. Here are 2020’s top trends in the casino industry, geared towards offering punters more betting options and excellent gaming experience.

Better Bonuses and Promotions

As different jurisdictions continued embracing the online casino industry to get a piece of the pie, we saw lots of new opportunities rise last year. That increased the level of competition in the market, forcing brands to start thinking of creative ways to get new customers and retain the old players. As a result, players can expect most casino operators (and casino online) to continue offering generous bonuses and exclusive promotions in a bid to gain an edge over the competitors.

Besides the offers being generous and enticing enough for players, we’re noting that casino operators are starting to offer more reasonable wagering requirements. That means players will have an easy time redeeming their bonuses this year.

New Payment Methods

Most online casinos operate in the same way. The player opens an account, makes a deposit, and later withdraws the winnings. However, you may need to verify your identity using different verification documents such as your national ID, utility bill or passport. Nonetheless, the players need the banking process to be as seamless as possible to enhance the experience and make it easy to receive money.

As the players continue demanding instant payment options, there’s a significant increase in pay-and-play casinos in the market. That’s because payment options are becoming better and faster each day, even as new secure ways are being developed. Cryptocurrencies and e-wallets like PayPal are great examples of some of the new payment methods taking the industry to the next level.

Regulated Markets On The Rise

The casino market is a multi0billion dollar industry that is growing tremendously with advancements in technology. As such, everyone is trying to get a piece of the pie. For this reason, more governments around the globe will implement regulatory policies to legalize betting in their countries and tap into the millions rolling in through taxation.

The United States is a good example of this, with gambling already being legal in several states. Reportedly, these states are making huge sums of money from the industry, making even big organizations like Google start reconsidering their gambling ads ban.

More Interactive Gaming

While casinos have made lots of money on slots over the years, the returns on such games are dwindling with the rise of online casinos. That’s because the young generation of casino players prefer games that need skills and strategy. That means casinos will start prioritizing the development of new, interactive games with high-quality graphics and arcade-style setting to challenge the players and encourage them to play more.

Wearable Technology

Wearables, especially the ones compatible with smartphones, are the next big thing in the gambling world. Today, most punters already place bets through mobile apps, but that might change as time goes on. Several software developers are already in the process of unveiling more games for wearable devices.