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Traffic and Corruption

Traffic and Corruption

It’s sickening.

Traffic was at a standstill yesterday. I got stuck on a newly paved road that needed no repair and on which officials had no reason to spend/waste the people’s money except for reasons of kickback. Musing upon the stale situation I was in, I scribbled some thoughts on my pocket journal, behind a motionless steering wheel:

Government corruption is a pandemic disease worse than coronavirus for Filipinos – both at the national and local level. From procuring/buying anti-Covid materials, laptops, ambulances, equipment, etc. to needless importation of agri products, smuggling, collection of tax and customs duties, “intelligence” operations, budget dispensing, confidential funds, pork barrel funds, community development funds, 4Ps funds, veterans funds, Philhealth funds, infrastructure projects, street “repairs” up to processing of government papers – there is corruption.

Oh, the malady of all maladies! Until when shall we let wolves, vultures and sharks prey on our lives and future, ever rearing their ugly heads blatantly, smiling at the bleeding motherland – on their way to the bank?

I stop right here, dear countrymen, lest I further aggravate the traffic writing about corruption till kingdom come.

Green light! But good grief, no one is moving.

By Reni M. Valenzuela