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Truepush, the most affordable push notifications company, increased its presence in Philippines

Truepush, which is the most affordable push notification company in the world has announced its incredible presence in promising countries like Philippines.

Hyderabad, India, 15 April 2021 – Truepushis known to be the most affordable push notification service in the world. With a presence in more than 164+ countries and used by more than 25,000+ brands across the globe, Truepush has made a remarkable dent in the push notifications industry as a whole. Truepush currently sends more than 1.2 billion push a day.

Truepush has been working on building the right infrastructure to build and magnify product adoption from across the globe. One such great influence of the tool can be seen in countries like Philippines. Some of the top media websites make use of Truepush to send important and timely alerts to millions of people.

In addition to that, there are hundreds of tech platforms, e-commerce brands, bloggers, job portals, and other brands from Philippines who actively use Truepush to build online user engagement.

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Truepush provides premium features at the most affordable prices than any other push notification service in the world. The most affordable plan has helped to manifold footprints in these countries. All the features such as Audience segmentation, RSS-to-push, Triggers, etc would be available for both the free and paid plan.

Truepush plans to build more tools like Email suites, Shopify plugins, etc to strengthen the product’s offerings and presence in the market. In addition to that, Truepush commits to slashing the pricing for their clients if they find any other push service cheaper than theirs with the same features.

About Truepush

TruepushTruepush is a customer re-engagement platform that offers free push notifications for both web and mobile. From ranking #3 on ProductHunt to acquiring 150% of MoM growth, Truepush has received tremendous applause for its remarkable success. Brands from varied domains like eCommerce, bloggers, media platforms, ed-tech, job portals, and more are sending push notifications to their users daily.

To keep engaging your customers using the most affordable push service, sign in to Truepush now. For any queries, visit us at help@truepush.com