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Truth Hurts: China vs. World

China vs World

Reacting to my letter published in Sun Star on 6 May 2024 (“Ultimatum to China“), a certain Peter Traenkner described what I’ve written as “chauvinistic” and “over emotionally verbal attacks on China” in his rejoinder (“Unacceptable,” Sun Star, 7 May 2024).

Collins dictionary defines chauvinistic: “If you describe someone as chauvinistic you believe that they think their own country is more important and morally better than any other.” That’s true, but of course not only do I think but I believe that my country, the Philippines, is morally better than China in particular.

And who doesn’t think that his country is more important than other countries? And what country is not morally better than China in light of China’s grabbing of and aggressions and bullying against our fishermen and the vessels of Philippine Coast Guards and BFAR in the West Philippine Sea?

Traenkner insinuated that I am being driven by “hatred and defamation” and thus he suggested that “what is needed are cool heads and not hot heads.” I love China the reason why I write as I write. I even have good friends and brethren in Christ who are Chinese. But if telling the truth (as it is) can be seen or labeled as “hatred and defamation,” how much worse can the lies and distortions of China be depicted?

And what can be cooler for Filipinos or Philippine officials to do in the face of the China Coast Guards and militia vessels’ repeated dangerous maneuverings to block Filipino ships from entering our own maritime domain which is well within our exclusive economic zone, than simply filing, patiently and forbearingly, numberless diplomatic protests — not to mention the savage water cannon and laser attacks of China vessels on our Coast Guards?

“Freedom of expression must end when a country or a person is attacked in an uncivilized manner. It also violates the ethical values of a newspaper,” Traenkner wrote. But who has the right and power to suppress the truth? And what ethical values does China have?

Truth and freedom of expression are intertwined with each other. Truth is the soul of journalists who have souls. It is what every media entity anywhere in the world ought to banner, because the media without truth is mere propaganda. Apparently, you worry about my “uncivilized manner” more than the truth or more than the primitive, barbarous acts of China in the disputed sea. You are not a Filipino, I am sure.

Truth hurts

The issue is not about liking China or hating China as you would want to paint the matter to be. It is China’s unacceptable cruelty and/or hateful attacks on Philippine sovereignty, its robbing of our maritime territory — that is the issue. Tell me, since when has narrating the truth for what it actually is become “hateful tirades”?

As for your disagreement with me in my “one-sided bias about the USA,” I leave your covert bias, prevarication and attacks against the USA in the sensibilities and judgment of the readers to unearth the truth, and to discern your motive in questioning my views in public. I’m sorry, sir, your rejoinder sounds like it’s a part of China’s propaganda machine to counter facts and realities and promote untruths, contortions and fairy tales.

Finally, let me allow myself a snippet from the wise and great Winston Churchill, “Truth is incontrovertible. Panic may resent it. Ignorance may deride it. Malice may distort it. But there it is.” Hope this enlightens you and helps and serves the world.

Indeed, dear fellow civilized nations, make it “China vs. World” because power or muscle seems to be the only language China can understand. “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” – John 8:32

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