TRYKE, The first Tricycle-Hailing, Fare Regulator, Delivery & Errand Services App in the Philippines!

TRYKE aspires to inspire a new era of tricycle transportation that is sustainable, forward-thinking, and deeply rooted in the power of technology, benefiting both drivers and passengers alike while instilling cultural pride and financial prosperity in the hearts of our tricycle drivers.

TRYKE is not just a company; it’s a dynamic force propelling the tricycle transportation industry forward. More so, as a delivery and logistics company operating in the Philippines, TRYKE has adopted an innovative franchise model that sets us apart. TRYKE doesn’t just leverage technology; TRYKE empowers tricycle drivers, amplifying their income and transforming their lives through our franchise network. Our commitment goes beyond innovation; it’s about enhancing the daily journey for both drivers and passengers alike. At their core, They’re all about the drivers. TRYKE is here to revolutionize the tricycle transportation sector, operating under a franchise model, and elevate the lives of those who navigate its paths.


TRYKE is envisioned to be the best community transport network company app for tricycle transportation for the tricycle drivers giving alternative channels of income generation throughout Southeast Asia.

Here are some main features of the TRYKE App.

A. Tricycle Ride hailing feature

With the transition of almost all transportation services into the digital world, the creation of an app to link passengers with tricycles is inevitable. TRYKE mobile application has come, and it will modernize and rationalize one of the most iconic modes of transportation in the Philippines.

With an easy-to-use app, the TRYKE Tricycle Ride-hailing feature is designed for passengers immediately in need of tricycles – whenever, wherever. This platform will connect passengers to tricycle drivers available online.

With this platform, gone are the days that passengers will have to wait under the heat of the sun, get soaked wet by the rain, compete during rush hours, and gamble their lives at night, just to hail a tricycle. The tricycle driver will pick up and deliver the passenger to the desired destination conveniently and safely.


B. TRYKE Fare Regulator

Fare overcharging is the most common problem in land transportation, in taxis, jeeps, and buses, but not as rampant in cases of tricycles.

Fare OVERCHARGING is actually a result of an inherently faulty system. Although understandable because of the lack of technology to compute the fare accurately, and even if there is, it is expensive and not appropriate to install in a tricycle.

TRYKE’s fare regulator feature would assist both the driver and passenger in determining the exact fare. No more guesswork. It was developed to totally ELIMINATE FARE OVERCHARGING as well as stingy passengers. This will also curtail the so-called “Colorums”.

With TRYKE, the correct fare as set by the LGU’s Tricycle Fare Ordinance will be accurately computed.

C. Benefits of TRYKE Drivers

Drivers earn extra money, and TRYKE connects Tricycle drivers to passengers. This will give them the opportunity to earn extra money by just being online and completing a booked ride instead of waiting for a long queue in the terminal. Drivers have schedule flexibility One of the most significant benefits of working for TRYKE is that they get to decide when you want to drive. They can work on their own time and meet their other commitments. This means they can work overtime or nights and weekends, depending on their needs and schedule.

Drivers have security in trips in terms of additional safeguards when accepting bookings. There is always extra security when traveling passengers with TRYKE. They may view the passenger’s profile, position, precise destination, and the exact cost of the trip. Lastly, Driver’s experience promotion where TRYKE makes it possible for your drivers to profit from promotions. They will earn points with each journey, which they can then spend to obtain bonuses and rewards.

Upcoming Features

We will be introducing new features in the coming months, focusing on shared mobility, all types of deliveries, digital financial services, and B2B Partnerships. TRYKE will provide different services that offer protection and financial security for our TRYKE drivers and passengers.


TRYKE is now available in Mexico, Pampanga, and will launch soon NATIONWIDE.

TRYKE is now available for download on the App Store (iOS), and Google Play (Android)

For more information, feel free to navigate to our website.

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