Trade Union Congress of the Philippines - TUCP

The Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) has had enough of the Labor Secretary’s false propaganda misleading the President and pouring cold water on the most burning issue now confronted by the Filipino people and tackled by Congress: passing the long-overdue and much-deserved ₱150 legislated wage hike!

The Labor Secretary has been peddling and spewing lies that raising workers’ wages would bring nothing but doom through massive inflation, unemployment, and business closures acting as if he were the spokesman of the Employers Confederation of the Philippines (ECOP). These are all false and mere speculations already demolished by the academe, think tanks, and economists as nonsensical technical inputs providing a smokescreen for unbridled corporate greed.

What is not speculative and false however is that under the current defective regional minimum wage system, all regional minimum wages this 2024 are all poverty wages below the PSA poverty threshold, and are all starvation wages below the estimated cost of DOST’s Pinggang Pinoy, and “libing” wages so far away from the NWPC estimated family living wage back in 2008.

The TUCP strongly feels that because of his grave disservice to the Filipino people and President Marcos in feeding him the empty assurance of action by the regional wage boards which for 35 years never gave the ₱100 increase passed by the Senate and the ₱150 increase we are fighting for in the House of Representatives, the capability of the Labor Secretary to competently do his job to protect workers and promote gainful employment is squarely in serious question. He can no longer be the Secretary of Labor if he keeps on being the employers’ poster boy against a legislated wage hike at the expense of the working class of this nation.

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