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Two House leaders inspire with their New Year’s messages

Martin Romualdez
BRIGHTER DAYS --- House Majority Leader and Committee on Rules Chairman Martin Romualdez on Saturday expressed hope that brighter days in 2021 are forthcoming,including the end of pandemic through safe,effective and affordable vaccine against COVID-19 for all Filipinos.photo by Ver Noveno

THE House of Representatives, led by Speaker Lord Allan Velasco and Majority Leader Martin Romualdez, assured Filipinos of a better Congress focused on helping people improve their lives and survive the pandemic.

The two House leaders gave their New Year’s message of renewed hope and inspiration to the Filipino people.

“Let us all look to the coming year with renewed hope and inspiration. As we close the chapter on the year 2020, may we look back and be grateful for the things that we still enjoy and have,” Velasco said.

“As House speaker, together with your duly-elected Representatives, we did our best to pass timely and relevant laws to alleviate the plight of our people during these trying times. Rest assured we will continue to do so in the coming new year,” he added.

Velasco said his primary wish is for the Filipinos to have affordable, safe and effective vaccine against COVID-19 at the soonest time possible. “Having a safe and effective vaccine available to Filipinos is currently the best way for us to beat the virus,”.he said.

Makati City Pabakuna

For his part, Romualdez said he is one with the Filipinos in praying that the year 2021 brings better days and new hope for tomorrow.

“The past year may not be the best we had as it brought bitter memories of a global pandemic which unleashed unparalled devastation in our lives. It also reminded us of a series of typhoon and natural calamities which claimed lives and wrought havoc to most parts of the country,” Romualdez said.

“The trials we had in year 2020, however, also provided us with a glimpse of the best in Filipino character. We continue to stand tall in the face of adversities. We share what little we have to our less fortunate brothers and sisters. We tend to the needs of our neighbors. We take care of our older family members as well as the young. We stick as one family, no matter what,” he added.

The House leader expressed optimism that the Philippines will bounce back stronger in year 2021.

“In welcoming the new year, let us continue taking care of one another and never get tired of sharing our blessings with those in need. The year ahead may still be full of challenges but with each one of us fulfilling our chosen mission in life, there is no way that we can fail as a nation,” Romualdez said.

Publication Source :    People's Journal