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UFOs of the Small Kind: They’re Not All Mother Ships

Small Kind UFOsOne of the reasons why we don’t always see UFOs is because they’re barely visible, and particularly so when they are flying high in the skies above .There’s another reason for why we sometimes fail to see UFOs. It’s because they are so small. That said, let’s have a look at some UFOs of the small kind. Every now and then a story will surface that is so bizarre, yet also intriguing, that it is almost impossible to categorize. Such a story comes from Janice Bakewell, a woman who encountered a small UFO – as in extremely small – in Marlborough, Wiltshire, England in 1977. Janice was walking through nearby woods with her dog early one morning when she heard a loud buzzing noise that quickly filled her ears – and clearly those of her dog, too. Puzzled, she looked around, but it was all to no avail – at least, for around two minutes. Then, everything became amazingly clear. As if out of nowhere, a small flying saucer appeared before her, hovering at a height of around four feet off the ground, in a small clearing in the trees.

It was circular in shape, silver in color, and had a red band around its middle. And, it was barely four-feet across. She watched, astonished, as the diminutive craft settled to the ground – in decidedly wobbly fashion – and a small door opened. Janice still recalls holding her breath, wondering what might happen next. She soon found out. Out of the door flew three, three-to-four-inches long small humanoid figures: clearly female and glowing brightly, they fluttered around Janice for a minute or two, dressed in silvery mini-skirts! At one point the tiny trio landed on Janice’s right arm, smiled, then flew back into the craft, which shot away into the skies, never to be seen again. Such totally rogue cases are so often dismissed by Ufology; yet they are weirdly engaging and not at all rare. Now, let’s move onto another strange saga.

Small Kind UFOsRob Freeman is someone who, on January 11, 1999, had a very weird encounter in Staffordshire, England’s Cannock Chase woods; it’s a large area of forest noted for being a magnet for strange activity, including sightings of UFOs, Bigfoot, and a multitude of other, unusual phenomena. Freeman, while taking a long walk in the woods – to burn off the calories ingested over the Christmas period – came across a strange, small ball of metal sitting on a trio of metal legs. The ball was around the size of an average beach-ball, while the legs were about two-feet in length. Somewhat perplexed, Freeman stared at the weird contraption – wondering what on Earth it was. He admitted, however, that its flying saucer-like shape almost immediately had him thinking it was some sort of vehicle – despite its small size. His suspicions were not wrong. In mere seconds after Freeman encountered the curious object, it shot into the sky, and was out of sight in seconds. Despite contacting the local police and also nearby military bases – in an effort to try and determine if the object was something of theirs – Freeman hit a brick wall. For him, at least, the matter was never resolved.

Mavis Allen had a very strange encounter on a particular morning in 1975, in an area of woodland in central England. As Mavis walked her dog through woods near the town of Rugeley, she was amazed to see a circular, black-colored object rolling along the ground in front of her. It was around six feet in circumference and had four protrusions (that Allen referred to as “spikes”) that stuck out from equal points around the middle. Allen stopped in amazement as the object rose slowly and silently, to a height of around fifteen feet and which then shot away at a fast pace. Yet again, a UFO of the hardly big size. There’s no doubt that the cases above stretch credulity. And, yet, I’ve met all three of them. And none of them came across as crazy, as fantasists, or as potential hoaxers. They were just regular people who had close encounters of the extremely tiny kind. Of course, today, things have been made more complicated by the rise in drones – crafts that I suspect have probably been responsible for more than a few reports of small UFOs.


by Nick Redfern
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