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Uge gets to do new challenging role in lockdown story

Eugene Domingo
Eugene Domingo

EUGENE Domingo is so glad that they’ve taped fresh new episodes of her hit Sunday afternoon show, “Dear Uge Presents”. Their comeback show this Sunday at 2:30 PM after “All Out Sundays” is an endearing story of a failed marriage that is given a second chance, “My Forgettable Love”, a two-part episode written by Gina Marissa Tagasa.

“Very challenging role yung role as Amor,” says Uge. “She’s a disgruntled wife who is so disappointed with her husband, si Migs played by Neil Ryan Sese and wants to have their marriage annulled. Kaso, she is diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s Disease that makes her  forget a lot of things. Nang maghihiwalay na sila, biglang nadeklara ang lockdown so hindi makaalis si Migs. And when he learns about her condition, he decides to stay with her and take care of her, even if Amor still does not want to accept the fact that she needs his help. But deep inside, she feels so sad and hopeless.”

Because of Amor’s condition, she starts thinking that she’s still living during the time when she and Migs were still happy as a couple. They start sleeping together in one bed, dancing together, laughing together, reliving the life they once had. Will her condition save their marriage? Or will it make it worse once Amor forgets everything about Migs?

“Maganda itong episode na ito, pramis,” says Uge. “Patatawanin kayo pero paiiyakin din kayo. Giving us good support in ‘My Forgettable Love’ are Candy Pangilinan and Lotlot De Leon. Don’t miss it this Sunday, at 2:30 PM, right after All Out Sundays” on GMA 7.”