EARTH DAY 2024 campaign registration

Our environmental issues, including the climate emergency, biodiversity collapse, destruction of critical natural habitats, pollution and the like are LIFE- THREATENING and SPECIES SURVIVAL issues for humanity! Our sufficient response must be the PRIORITY in governance today. No other issue is more important. Individual ACTIONS of citizens are no longer sufficient. Only state and inter-state, local & global political actions will be sufficient. We must ELECT a Green Government now!

Today, April 22, EARTH DAY 2024 in the Month for Strengthening the Greens (KaKalikasanMonth) in LuzViMinda (Luzon Visayas and Mindanao), the Makakalikasan – Nature Party Philippines CALLS for Filipinos everywhere to SIGN-UP and JOIN the #MAKAKALIKASAN2024 Campaign and in the next six (6) months achieve the following:

(1) Start-up Barangay Green Governance/ Sangguniang Kabataan para sa Kalikasan and Campus Greening Partnerships for Climate Actions in 20 to 200 Barangays nationwide,

(2) Initiate a Green Peoples Primary Elections and Green Rating-Scorecard-Covenant process to surface & promote Green Candidates for the 2024 national and local elections; specifically: a) six (6) green senatoriables, b) one (1) green party list candidate and c) as many local green candidates nationwide with priority in NCR, CALABARZON, Central Visayas and Northern Mindanao,

(3) Organize Makakalikasan Party chapters in 200 Cities & Municipalities nationwide and at least 5 country chapters among LuzViMindan abroad recruiting some 23,000 members

(4) Organize Makakalikasan Youth chapters in school campuses and Barangays constituting at least half (50%) of all members recruited to the Makakalikasan Party

Makakalikasan-Nature Party Philippines

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