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UnionDigital Bank President and CEO Henry Aguda promotes the adoption of embedded banking in the Philippines at Fintech Week Tel Aviv

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DEEP DIVE. Fintech Week Tel Aviv delved into the trends and strategies defining fintech, with engaging panel discussions featuring global players and innovators. In photo (from left): UNIPaaS VP Business Development Noa Gastfreund, Worx Co-Founder and CEO Keren Aviasad, Guestry Payments Business Lead Alisa Applebaum, UnionDigital Bank President and CEO Henry Aguda, and Karma VP Payments Mor Grisariu.

Tel Aviv, ISRAEL – Dubbed as the start-up nation of the world, Israel gathered the global fintech community for Fintech Week Tel Aviv, held from March 13 to 15. On March 14, UnionDigital Bank (UD) President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Henry Aguda participated in a panel discussion on embedded finance where he shared success stories and use cases on significant advancements made in embedded banking in the Philippines. His presentation focused on the digital bank’s leadership in this domain, emphasizing how it is revolutionizing the financial sector.

Held at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, Aguda spoke in a panel discussion titled “The Embedded Value: Hear the successful use case stories of embedded finance. How can other sectors benefit from embedded solutions?”

The panel was moderated by UNIPaaS Vice President for Business Development Noa Gastfreund. Aguda was joined by other distinguished panelists, including Worx Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Keren Aviasad, Guestry Payments Business Lead Alisa Applebaum, and Karma Vice President for Payments Mor Grisariu. The panelists shared their learning experiences on successfully implementing embedded finance solutions in their various industries. They provided insight into how other sectors and businesses could benefit from these innovative solutions and how to best adopt them.

During the panel discussion, Aguda highlighted the importance of embedded finance in providing personalized services, faster transactions, and enhanced functionality for the user. Embedded finance involves integrating financial services at the source of the transaction without additional interactions with a traditional financial institution.

In the context of healthcare, Aguda noted that embedded financial services enable healthcare providers to offer holistic health and financial wellness experiences to patients as banking services are integrated into the customer journey of the provider. It was then that Aguda announced the partnership between UnionDigital Bank and mWell, the Philippines’ first, fully integrated, and fully-digital health and wellness platform. The partnership aims to implement embedded financial services for the 1.5 million customers and 5,000 doctors and health professionals using the mWell platform. Integrated into the mWell app, users will be able to access digital banking products, such as medical emergency loans and flexible payment terms, resulting in more accessible and affordable healthcare.

Fintech Week Tel Aviv 2023 brought together over 1,200 attendees from over 40 countries, including investors, decision-makers, and entrepreneurs, to explore the latest trends and strategies defining the industry, including embedded finance.

As the Aboitiz Group undergoes its Great Transformation to become the Philippines’ first Techglomerate, it is driven by technology and the renewed entrepreneurial mindset of Aboitiz team members and leaders such as Aguda.

As the former Chief Technology and Transformation Officer of UnionBank, Aguda played an influential role in leading its digital transformation. Now, as UnionDigital Bank leverages and leads in fintech strategies and embedded financial services, they are able to extend UnionBank’s legacy of innovation to make financial services available and accessible to underserved Filipinos.

About UnionDigital Bank

UnionDigital Bank is a fully digital bank and a wholly owned subsidiary of UnionBank of the Philippines. The UnionDigital Bank app is now live for a limited set of customers through invitation only. Future updates on the launch will be available through the digital bank’s social media channels on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Learn more at www.uniondigitalbank.io.

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About Aboitiz Equity Ventures

Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Inc. (AEV) is the public holding company of the Aboitiz Group with major investments in power, banking and financial services, food, infrastructure, land, and data science and artificial intelligence. Today, AEV is recognized as one of the best-managed companies in the Philippines and the region, consistently cited for its commitment to good corporate governance and corporate social responsibility. With five generations of Aboitiz Group business success behind it, AEV continues to drive change for a better world by advancing business and communities.

The Aboitiz Group is a member of the Global Compact Network Philippines Board of Trustees and helps champion the Philippines’ sustainability initiatives on an international level through policies, advocacies, and initiatives that align with the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC). The company has also launched its #OneAboitizSustainability Framework which aims to transform its life-essential businesses into having improved sustainable practices and a positive impact on the environment and society.

To know more about the #OneAboitizSustainability programs, please visit https://sustainability.aboitiz.com/.

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