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Unity For Peace

The recently concluded National and Local Elections (NLE) 2022 last May 9 have resulted in the elected leaders for each place and the country as a whole based on the majority of votes from the Filipino citizens. With due respect to how democracy works, it is with high hopes that we all come to respect the result of the election and start our effort as citizens. Now that majority of the Filipino people have already decided who they want to lead them for the next six years, I hope that the rest will also support the next administration because after all, we are all Filipinos who want the Philippines to become a better country.

Plans and platforms are starting to be laid down as the government changes its leaders and had the transformation for the coming months. With this, it is but right that the incoming administration shall continue those programs and legislations that have been started and were proven to be helpful and effective for the people. There are so many programs that should or must be continued as it was seen that they became effective measures in resolving problems or in promoting unity in diversity in the grassroots areas.

Now more than ever, we must all need to set aside our political differences and do something that will be of help to our fellow countrymen and in the recovery of our country. Given that we have been and are still in a health crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our country needs a lot of help from every one of us. Let us unite and help in any ways that we know and not be part of the problems. It is with a positive belief that we support the new elected leaders especially the incoming new leader of our country- President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. Let’s give him a chance to prove to the Filipinos that their votes for him are worth it and will make the Philippines rise again. Let’s be part of their plans and support their new and continuing programs or activities for working together is best towards sustainable development and faster recovery of our economy in this country as a whole.

Enrico S Dulay
Norzagaray, Bulacan

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