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Upgrade B.Pinoy — Ramirez

“THE PSC has been here 28 years, we have been doing Batang Pinoy for over a decade, I think it’s time we upgrade our delivery and procedures to go with the developments in technology and the way communication is shared in this age,” said Philippine Sports Commission Chairman William Ramirez during a briefing with Batang Pinoy core group yesterday at the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex.

Ramirez gave instructions to maximize use of social media and different online communication platforms as well as available technology to ensure that the public are well-informed of the games.

“I do not discount the use of the trusty paper and pen combo but we have to take advantage of technology and also align ourselves with our youth, after all this project is for them,” explained the sports executive.

The PSC has been very active on social media in the past year, recognizing the impact it has on the youth sector specially.

There will also be a big outdoor LED billboard put up in Burnham Park facing the side of Baguio City Public Market where game schedules, highlights, video winners and other information about the games will be scrolling the whole day.

According to the PSC’s top honcho they want the games to touch the life of the general public., “we want the uninterested public to be interested. We want the public to know they are part of this. The community should be involved. We will provide them information so they know when and where they could go to watch and cheer their relatives, friends and neighbors.”

The Batang Pinoy, which is expected to gather 7000 athletes, coaches and spectators from around the country, will be held from 15 to 21 of this month at the City of Pines and neighboring Benguet Province.