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US and Philippine Coast Guards hold virtual meet

THE United States Embassy in the Philippines hosted a virtual meeting between the U.S. and Philippine Coast Guard (USCG) to informally discuss an array of topics, including current training programs and regional cooperation in Southeast Asia.

US Commandant Admiral Karl Schultz and Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) Commandant Admiral George Ursabia, Jr. attended the one-hour session from their respective headquarters and were joined by select staff officers.

Ursabia thanked Schultz for USCG’s extensive training program supporting PCG’s technical workforce responsible for operating and maintaining PCG’s expanding fleet of vessels and small craft.

He also noted that the PCG extensively utilizes USCG doctrine and methods as a model for its operations and fleet support programs.

THe admiral expressed interest in the possibility of future USCG ship visits and expanded collaboration relating to shared security concerns.

Schultz affirmed USCG commitment to expanding its already strong partnership with PCG.

He noted we are in an “era of coast guards,” because coast guards throughout the world are increasingly utilized to address national security concerns.

He also highlighted the commonality between USCG and PCG in that both agencies are capable forces operating against myriad threats and challenges.