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USAF Officer Claims He Filmed Flying Saucer Shooting Light Beams at Nuclear Missile and Was Ordered to Cover It Up


Last week, former USAF captain and nuclear missile crew commander Robert Salas announced his fundraiser had reached its goal and he was now able to schedule a press conference with three other former Air Force officers to reveal what has been long covered up – information about UFOs interfering with U.S. nuclear missile sites. The news conference was held on October 19th and it was worth the wait.

“I was part of a US Airforce cover-up. It was shaped like a flying saucer and was firing a beam of light at our warhead.”

Salas, Robert Jamison, a former USAF captain and nuclear missile targeting officer, and David Schindele, a former USAF captain and nuclear missile crew commander, attended the National Press Club conference in person, but it was the live video testimony of Robert Jacobs, a former USAF lieutenant and missile test photographic officer, that stole the show. (A video of the entire conference can be seen here.) In 1964, Jacobs led a team making high-resolution films of missile launches because so many of them were blowing up. On September 14, 1964, he recorded footage of an 8,000 mph missile fitted with a radar chaff dispenser to hide it from Soviet radar. He turned in the film and was surprised to be called to meet with his superior about it. What was recorded around the rocket shocked him.

What did the actual film show?

“We might see the underside three levels of that rocket filling the body from 160 miles away. It was superb, the readability. As I watched, abruptly, in the identical route these things was flying, at about 8,000 miles an hour, an object got here into the body, shot a beam of sunshine on the warhead. It flew as much as the highest, shot one other beam of sunshine on the warhead, flew across the route it was flying, shot one other beam of sunshine on the warhead. It flew all the way down to shoot one other beam of sunshine on the warhead after which flew out the identical means it got here in.”

Jacobs says he blurted out that it was a UFO and asked if he was being pranked. He was ordered to never speak of the film or the incident again by his commanding officer in front of two men in grey suits he believed were CIA. To emphasize the seriousness of the order, Jacobs says the commander told him:

“Lieutenant if you were ever tortured in the future, somebody has you up against the wall and they’re frying your privates with fire, you can tell them this, it was laser tracking.”

Jacobs then points out that laser tracking was not known to exist in 1964. He says he kept quiet for years, even though he believed he witnessed an encounter with an alien flying saucer. Eventually, he sold his story to the National Enquirer, which didn’t help his credibility. That’s why he, Salas and the other officers hope to pressure the Pentagon to do the same thing it did after the Tic Tac UFO revelations – come clean on what it knows and doesn’t know. Jacobs assumes the footage still exists (a reconstruction of it can be seen here) and says he’s tired of being quiet and frustrated by the cover-ups, but hopes we don’t get more of the same.

UFOAre they waiting and watching?

“Have we been ignored? For God sakes, we’ve been shut up and silenced. We’ve been ridiculed; we’ve had our lives disrupted. This is more than just being ignored. We’ve been treated like imbeciles.”

Robert Salas, who was at the nuclear missile site in Montana in 1967 when 10 missiles were inexplicably deactivated after UFOs were spotted, agrees. He said this in an interview:

“There is a worldwide, let’s say, cabal that is exchanging information in secret. The intelligence community may be involved in a world cover-up. There are very deeply held secrets. The Roswell case in 1947 which offers plain evidence of two crashes in New Mexico. In 1947 our government knew they were dealing with extraterrestrial entities.”

A worldwide cabal? Roswell? Let’s not swim too deeply in the conspiracy pool just yet. For now, let’s hope the alleged film taken by now Dr. Robert Jacobs is searched for and, if found, revealed to the public and analyzed by experts. Anything less would be treating these four former officers “like imbeciles.”

By Paul Seaburn
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