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USAPANG KAPE 2021: A webinar on the history and the industry of Kapeng Barako in Batangas

JCI Usapang Kape 2021

LIPA, BATANGAS. (July 27,2021) – Coffee drinkers, coffee producers, and people interested in coffee attended a webinar entitled “Usapang Kape 2021” organized by JCI Lipa, Timplado with UPLB DAME Interns, and Batangas State University. Attendees learned about how coffee was introduced in the country, how coffee production started in Batangas, and how the industry stands as of today from guest speakers Mr. Leo Martinez, a famous multi-award winning Batangueño actor, Mr. Derrick Manas, Batangas historian and consultant of the Office of the Vice Governor, and Mr. Joe Mercado, owner of Cafe de Lipa and founder of Merlo Agricultural Corporation.

Usapang Kape 2021 Webinar

The webinar encircling the history and the industry of Kapeng Barako in Batangas revealed relevant information about different facets of the coffee industry in our daily lives. One of the speakers, Mr. Derrick Manas elucidated how Batangas before became the prime coffee exporter in the world, sustained by the wealthy culture and history of the coffee industry during the past few decades. Mr. Joe Mercado on the other hand, added how deep is the connection of Batangueno and Kapeng Barako, and at some point how this is prominently anchored in the livelihood of the Batanguenos. It was also emphasized by Mr. Leo Martinez how this kind of appreciation to our culture and heritage for the coffee industry is vital in structuring our national identity.

JCI Usapang Kape 2021

Batangas indeed has a rich history and industry of Kapeng Barako and this primarily shows how significant our roles are to revitalize our current state of coffee industry in Batangas.

JCI Philippines is a non-government organization that aims to lead a global network of young active citizens through social endeavors. The event is launched with Timplado which is a food and beverage company concentrated on producing best selling full bodied coffee blends, best tasting Filipino delicacies and nutritious Filipino fusion meals. Lastly, with the association of Batangas State University which is a premier provider of higher advanced learning and is designated as a National Center of Excellence by CHED.


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