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Usapang Puso: Be careful with your heart

AS partners for a healthier Philippines, Sanofi believes that heart month is more than just for Valentine’s Day, it’s also about our cardiovascular health! So why not give your heart a break and keep your love lockdown with these self-care tips that are good for the heart:

1. Gotta move on.

Just like moving on from an ex, getting some movement and exercise is good for the heart. A regular fitness routine has been known to lower risk of developing heart disease as it can help lose weight, improve cholesterol, and lower blood pressure. Even a simple physical activity like going for a 10-minute walk is a good way to start the day and a great habit to build on.

2. Don’t love (salty foods) too much.

In a relationship, too much love can be damaging when you start to neglect everything around you. The same can be said for our love affair with salty foods and alcohol. Too much love for food and beverages high in salt or alcoholic content can raise blood pressure. Love in moderation.

3. Never skip out on sleep.

Don’t put off sleeping, even if it involves staying up late to chat with your romantic partner. Poor sleep can lead to extra fatigue, higher stress levels, less motivation to be physically active, and unhealthy food choices. The optimal amount of sleep for adults is between 7-9 hours, so give yourself more time to dream.

4. Fruits and veggies make for happy company.

Start embracing your greens the way you embrace your loved ones. Apart from being good for the heart, most plant-based foods are rich in fiber which are also good for your digestive system.

5. Learn to let go (of cigarettes).

Having a healthy heart means learning to let go of things that are bad for you. In this case, the habit of smoking has been known to have adverse effects to one’s cardiovascular health. Smoking tightens major arteries, increases heart rate, and raises blood pressure, which increases the risk of stroke among people with a known history of chronic diseases such as hypertension.

6. Be free of stress.

Stress and anxiety can trigger heart problems like poor blood flow and palpitations, which is why having too much stress, for too long, is bad for your heart. Give your heart a break by learning to manage your energy and prioritize the persons and things that matter to you.

7. Check for underlying conditions.

In most cases, long-term relationships can be a good thing—to be able to grow together is a beautiful thing. However, having a long-term relationship with chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension can have a bad effect on your heart health if left untreated. Take note of your family history and household lifestyle.

Just like in relationships, having commitment is key to maintaining your health from heart month and beyond. And with Sanofi Philippines, you have a partner that is wholly committed to being with you on your health journey. Moreover, the company has reinforced its Empower Program for persons with diabetes and hypertension; as well as in launching WeHealth, an eHealth ecosystem that connects patients with doctors, at any time and place.

To learn more about how you can prevent cardiovascular diseases, please visit https://www.sanofi.ph/

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