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Valenzuela City Boosts Community-Based Drug Rehab Program


True to its VC Cares Plus mandate of fighting illegal drugs, the Valenzuela Anti-Drug Abuse Council (VADAC) taps coordinators in different barangays to attend a two-day Trainers Training on the Community-Based Drug Rehabilitation Program (CBDRP) and Reintegration Program from November 24 to 25 at 3S Arkong Bato, Valenzuela City.

With a temporary suspension of Valenzuela City Anti-Drug Abuse Office’s (VADAO) CBDRP due to the COVID-19 outbreak, barangay coordinators will finally resume assisting and handling PWUDs (Persons Who Used Drugs) with the new normal safety precautions this year.

The two-day Community-Based Drug Rehabilitation Program and Reintegration Program equips Valenzuela City’s barangay coordinators in assisting and handling PWUDs in the new normal set-up. November 25, 3S Arkong Bato, Valenzuela City. (Resty Robert Castro/VCPIO)

The two-day Trainer’s Training for around 40 Barangay Community Service Coordinators (BCSC) provided in-depth knowledge and skills to help PWUDs lead a drug-free life. This training also gives information to BCSCs about the do’s and don’ts in handling clients and implementing a therapeutic community program. They also receive training in Communication Skills, Public Speaking, Basic Counseling, Identifying Internal and External Triggers, Body Chemistry in Recovery, Common Challenges in Early Recovery, and Truths about Alcohol.

The Trainer’s Training will also strengthen the Community Wellness Program and Aftercare Program in each barangay in Valenzuela City by effectively addressing clients’ problems, bringing out voluntary change, and establishing rapport with clients.

VADAOWith its VC Cares Plus program established in 2016, Valenzuela City has always been a consistent and active advocate of the nation’s fight against illegal drugs through reformatory programs and community-based reintegration initiatives. Its first drug rehabilitation center, Balai Banyuhay, was inaugurated as a local-national partnership last February 14, 2020 to cater to drug users and surrenderees to help them live a new life in a modern and comprehensive drug rehabilitation facility. Due to the pandemic, Balai Banyuhay was also converted into a central isolation facility but is now in the works of converting it back to its purpose as a drug rehab center.

BCSCs are a big part of implementing the different programs of VADAO and this two-day training shall help in achieving a drug-free community in the City – helping Valenzuelanos on all walks of life be future contributors to effective and inclusive city-building.

For more information and inquiries about the city’s drug rehab programs, please contact the Valenzuela City Anti-Drug Abuse Office (VADAO) at 8352-1000.


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